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7 Ideas To Use Leftover Easter Eggs

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Use Leftover Easter Eggs
Easter is over and every one of us starts thinking of what we should do with the leftover colourful Easter Eggs. Even after distributing Easter Eggs to the guests and relatives, you see some eggs in your basket. Generally, Easter eggs are chicken eggs but nowadays, even chocolate and plastic eggs are used for decorating the house. If you are wondering what to do with the leftover Easter eggs, here are few ideas to use them in the right way.

Simple ideas to use leftover Easter eggs:

Make recipes: After Easter, you welcome the dairy products back to your kitchen. During Lent fasting, eggs are forbidden and on Easter day people gift and include eggs in their menu. You can experiment by trying various egg recipes to utilize the leftover eggs. Eggs are healthy and nutritious too. So, prepare an egg dish for breakfast and dinner.

Decorate: We know that Easter is over but, you can use these lucky eggs in your house. If your Easter eggs are made out of plastic, you can use these colourful balls to decorate your house. Decorate your kitchen rack with the egg basket. Another way is by filling a net pouch with eggs and using it as a centerpiece on you dining or living room table.

Egg hunt: Enjoy with kids by arranging an egg hunt even after Easter is over. Kids love to play games on Easter especially, the egg hunt. Try some varieties in this Easter game. For example, fill the plastic eggs with chocolates or nuts and let the kids hunt them. You can also add chits to direct hints towards the treasure.

Use for necklaces: Necklace tangles can be difficult to open. If you do not want to store your beautiful necklace in your drawer make use these leftover Easter eggs to prevent the necklace from tangling.

Wrap bangles: A set of bangles can fall easily. To keep the set in an arranged format, use Easter eggs. Now, your bangles will remain in place.

Store for next year: Plastic Easter eggs can be used for next Easter also. Cover them in plastic cover and keep in store room. You can colour them again next year to give them a new look. This way you save money for Easter decorations too!

Use on hair: Eggs are best conditioner for your hair. Go natural by whisking an egg and applying on your hair. Eggs not only softens your hair but, also strengthens the root and promote hair growth.

Try these ideas to use the leftover Easter eggs. Now you do not need to look at the bunch of eggs and think, “What should I do with them?”

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Story first published: Monday, April 9, 2012, 17:31 [IST]
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