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5 Things To Clean During Summer!

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As it is summer, you will open all the windows to spread the fresh warm breeze in the house. When you open windows and doors, you welcome dirt to your home. Everyday a thin layer of dirt forms on the tables, floor and sofa. To have a clean and dirt free house, you have to clean your house more in summer.

5 things at home which requires cleaning in summer:

Fans: During the winter season, your fans get a thick layer of dirt. So, use a dry cloth piece dirt to remove dirt from the fan blades. Follow up with a damp cloth piece. You should clean the fan blades once in a week to prevent dust from spreading in the house.

Windows: As it is summer, you open the windows regularly. Therefore, clean the window panes and grills once in a week to prevent the formation of dust on them. Soak a cloth piece in soap solution and wipe of dirt from the window panes and grills.

Tables: You should clean tables everyday. All tables such as dining, dressing or center table should be cleaned regularly. As these tables are more commonly used in our day to day lives, cleaning is required. Use a dry cloth piece an wipe of table especially the above surface.

Crockery rack: It is one of the sections which should be cleaned during summer. Personal hygiene is important but the kitchen shelves should also be clean. During summer, hot wind settles on the crockery thus making your rack look dull and ugly. So, it is best to clean the crockery in every season and not just summer.

Patio furniture: To prevent the growth of pollens, clean the patio furnitures regularly. Use a dry cotton cloth piece to clean the patio furniture in your backyard.

These are few things at home which requires special attention during summer.

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Story first published: Friday, March 16, 2012, 15:59 [IST]
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