Get Rid Of Cockroaches In Your Home

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The biggest problem in many homes is cockroaches. They are the most common insect species in the world and have caused a great disturbance in the life of humans.

These home pests are known to exist from 350 million years and there are about 3700 species of these insects. Out of this number, 30 species live in human habitations.

They usually reside in areas where the environment is moist, dirty and unhygienic. They are the major reasons of spreading germs and other diseases like that of typhoid fever, dysentery, cholera and they may even pass on parasitic worms that carry hepatitis B and leprosy.

To control these roaches and to get rid of them is a tough job. Some of the ways of home pest control is

1.Naphthalene balls that are easily available in the market help to drive away cockroaches as they don't like the smell.

2.Soap and water is a tricky tip to get rid of cockroaches. Make a solution of soap and water in a mug or bowl and throw them on the cockroaches. This will coat the skin of the cockroaches and they will die instantly.

3.Bay leaves help to control the increase of these home pests. Spread a good amount of bay leaves in the areas where it is infested with cockroaches.

4.Make a bait of boric acid, flour and sugar. Mixing the ingredients well, make small pellets. Place these baits in shelves, cupboards and cabinets. Use this bait for about six to eight weeks.

5.Boric acid, flour and cocoa sprinkled over cabinets, shelves and kitchen areas to help get rid of cockroaches. Beware not to inhale the powder as it is injurious to health.

You can control these home pests

1.Keep the place clean and moist free. See that all leaking taps are fixed as it draws attention to cockroaches.

2.Turn to air tight containers to store food.

3.If there are unwashed dishes in the sink, soak them in soap water.

4.Clean cupboards once a week to get rid of this menace.

5.See to it that there is proper sunlight in the room as it helps to get rid of other germs and these home pests.

By getting rid of these home pests, your home will be disease free and safer to live in.

Story first published: Monday, September 27, 2010, 14:31 [IST]
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