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Time To Protect Your Garden This Summer

For those who love plants and everything about gardening, it is time to gear up for a hotter summer, this 2016. With the temperatures soaring high, plants are at a higher risk of dying. Surprised?

It is said that the rays of the sun can affect the growth of the plant. The sharp sunlight on certain plants can destroy the soil at the same time it can kill the life of a bud or a flower if placed under the sunlight for long hours.

Sunlight is no doubt one of the most important elements for better growth of plants. But, according to experts too much of sunlight can actually tamper with the soil. When the plant is not watered well, the sun will absorb all the water from the soil of the plant, leaving it dry to rot.

In the summer season, one should be aware as to how much water to spray on the plant and into the soil as soaking the plant's soil with water can deaden and loosen the growth of the desired plant.

On the other hand feeding the plant with required manure is also necessary. In the summer, one can place egg shells in the pot to enhance the soil and encourage the plant to grow better.

Likewise, here are some of the best ways to protect your garden this summer from the high temperatures of the sun's rays, take a look:

Know Your Water Usage: Never spray too much of water on your plants in any given season. Though, it is said that in summer you have to spray your garden with water thrice, many fail to agree. Befoire you spray water on your pots and plants, check the soil. If the soil seems moist, you can simply sprinkle water on them. However, it is also best to spray water on the plants at night as it stays in the soil till the next morning.

Keep Your Greens Healthy: If you have a garden filled with green plants, be wise and keep them healthy. Add the required manure into the soil, which will help to keep them green and luscious. You also need to gt rid of the decaying plants and dry leaves to give your garden a better look and feel.

Add Some Colour: Though it is nice to have a green garden, it is also better for you to add a pop of colour. Plant a few beautiful roses and colourful plants in your garden to give it a wonderful and appealing look. Varieties of shrub roses, adeniums and desert roses are excellent picks for the summer season which gives a dull garden a new lease of life.

Trim Your Garden: You need to trim your garden plants in order to prevent them from dying. Sometimes in summer, the leaves of the plant get dry very quickly, therefore, trimming will help to provide a better growth and look to the new plants.

Story first published: Friday, May 6, 2016, 18:30 [IST]
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