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Best Plants To Grow In Monsoon

By Debdatta Mazumder

Gardening is a very attractive hobby as it gives you the chance to create something. Monsoon is the best time for gardening as this is the time when you don’t need to put much effort for the growth of the plants and blooming of the flowers.

But which are the plants that can be grown in monsoon? You can’t expect marigold to bloom in monsoon. So, to give your garden a fresh makeover, you need to know the best suited plants for monsoon. Rainy season is the time for several flowers to bloom, such as jasmine, lotus, lily etc. But there are also some vegetables which can beautify your kitchen garden. Cucumber, papaya, bitter gourd etc. are a few to name.

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So, if you’re a gardener, you must have ideas about the best suited plants for monsoon. To get the maximum yield at monsoon, you must plan your gardening before monsoon arrives. Here are some plants that can be grown in monsoon. Try out these best suited plants for monsoon and decorate your garden to make your neighbour envious-

1. Gul Mohur- How about a flame of fire at the corner of your garden to lift up your irksome mood? Yes, the fiery red Gul Mohur is a flower of monsoon. It grows well if it rains continuously for days at your place.

2. Indian Fleabane- This is herb-like plant found in the countryside. This monsoon plant doesn’t need any special care as it grows in any soil. If you have some of these plants in your garden, you can enjoy a variety of soothing colours like red, violet, white and pink.

3. Indigo Flower- The name suggests the colour of the flower. These monsoon flowers are more common in the colour blue but there are other varieties of it, such as white, violet and creamy white.

4. Bitter Wild Cucumber- Plants that can be grown in monsoon also include some veggie plant. This is one of those. This climber gives fruits which belong to pumpkin family but taste bitter. This grows mainly at late monsoon.

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5. Monsoon Cassia- If you are looking for colours in the rainy season, grow a cassia tree in your garden. The tender leaves can be used as a vegetable while the yellow flowers with five petals can soothe your eyes in the monotonous rain.

6. Wild Cockscomb- One of the best suited plants for monsoon which is actually herb. The swinging of the pinkish flowers in cool breeze of monsoon can bring bliss of solitude to you. You can store the tufts for two months after removing from the plant.

7. Cape Jasmine- Popularly known as ‘Gandharaja’ where ‘Gandha’ means fragrance and ‘raja’ stands for king. This white flower is an exclusive production of the monsoon and rightly named as the fragrance can enchant you if you have a tree at your garden.

8. Wild Balsam- The list of the best suited plants for monsoon can’t be summed up without this. As the plant needs damp ground to grow, monsoon is the best time for it. Generally, the flowers are of pink and white colour.

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Story first published: Tuesday, September 8, 2015, 22:02 [IST]