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5 Signs To Identify A Dying Plant

Plants can fall ill just like human beings. If their illness is not diagnosed and treated on time, they start dying. But, a plant does not have pulse or breathing that you can check as the vital signs of living. So it is a tough call.

Most of us who are amateur gardeners are not too good at reading the signs given by a sick plant. To save a plant from dying, you need to identify the signs of illness. There may be many different types of illnesses that plague the plants. But, the basic fact is that there are always symptoms that you can look for.

Here are some of symptoms by which you can identify a dying plant.

Signs To Identify A Dying Plant:

1. Wilting Leaves: There are 2 types of wilting in plants. Usually, the old leaves wilt and new ones grow to replace them. This is a natural process of renewal. However, if you see that the young leaves of your plant are wilting, then your plant might be dying.

2. Yellowing Leaves: Some leaves of the plant do yellow with age. But, leaves turning yellow in a short span of time could only suggest a severe sunburn. May be your plant is getting too much direct sunlight.

3. Shedding Of Leaves: Shedding is a normal way of getting rid of dead leaves. Usually plants shed leaves during Autumn. That is why it is also called the season of Fall. But, if your plant is shedding off season or shedding green leaves, then there is something wrong.

4. A Spot Of Rot: You have see if any of the leaves or parts of the shoot are rotting. Usually, molts and damp conditions make a plant rot. You can save a plant from dying as long as its root do not start rotting. If the roots are rotten, the plant will eventually die out.

5. Fruitful Plant: There are certain non-perennial plants that start dying after producing fruits. First, the flower appears and then the fruit. After this, the plant weakens and dies. The banana plant is an example. The only way to save a plant of this kind is to not allow it produce fruits. Watch out for the fruit bud and prune it every time it appears.

Do you have any other expert gardening tips to identify a sick plant?

Story first published: Tuesday, June 5, 2012, 18:09 [IST]
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