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Monsoon Flowers For Garden

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Monsoon Flowers
Monsoon is the season of rains and many flowers bloom in this season. The garden blossoms look beautiful with many hues. Growing flowering plants is a hobby for people who love gardening. But, flowering plants do not grow in all seasons alike. There are different kinds of garden flowers for each season. Garden flowers in many hues like pink, white, orange and many more are found that can be grown in the monsoon season. Make your garden look all the more beautiful by planting these flowering plants for Monsoon in your garden.

Lotus- Lotus is one of the most exotic varieties of monsoon flowers that one can have in his/her garden. It also adds a ton to the beauty of the exteriors in the house. You can choose from white, yellow or pink variety of this flower breed. They are also sometimes cross-pollinated to get two colours in the same flower. They need lots of sunshine and air to grow.

First you should create a small water pool in the garden. Also make a base of fertile soil inside the not-so-deep pool. Buy some lotus tubes from the market and float them in the water. Once this monsoon flower blossoms it will be one of the most wonderful sights to look at.

Monsoon Cassia- The blossom of this monsoon flower looks amazing on the garden landscape. The yellow flowers are set against the leaves in bunches. Plant the buds any where as it will cover any extra space in the garden.

Just make sure that you plant them in a fertile patch of land and they get enough sunshine and air to grow properly.

Dew Flowers- They are one of the most attractive and amazing monsoon flower to look at. They come in yellow, orange or blue colours. Only a few petals protrude out of the green sheath of the flower.

You can plant this monsoon flower plant in any patch of well drained soil in the garden. Make sure that they are not in shade and get enough water to grow.

Frangipani- Frangipani plants bear beautiful silky white, yellow or pink blossoms. These plants do need to taken care of much. They thrive on almost any soil type, though a well drained soil is better for them to grow in a healthy way.

This monsoon flower grows best from dried out stem cuttings planted in the soil.

Ixora- They are popular house plants that have beautiful flame coloured blossoms in the rain. Take stem cuttings and plant them in rich and moist soil to grow properly.

These flowering plants if planted in monsoon will bear such wonderful blossoms that it will fill the minds of people with joy and happiness.

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