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How To Maintain A Flower Garden?

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Maintain Flower Garden
Flowers enhances the beauty of the garden. Few gardeners use small containers or pots to keep flower plants whereas few prefer to have a flower garden. Flower gardens are colorful, lively and spread smell all around. Caring and maintaining flower gardens is important so as to keep the growing flower plants in shape. For easy flower garden maintenance, here are few gardening tips.

Gardening tips to maintain a flower garden:

1. It is best to grow flower plants in fertile soil. Remove weed and then add compost or manure to the soil. With a digging spade, dig the soil inside.

2. Grow perennial and annual flowers which bloom year around. Maintaining native flower plants is easy as they grow easily.

3. Grow flower plants with contrasting colors. This makes up the ideal and beautiful flower garden with different color, texture flowers.

4. Water the garden in the early morning or late afternoon. This minimizes evaporation. Few flowers require partial shade whereas few want no or full sunlight. It is best to have a flower garden with medium sunlight and water facility.

5. Digging spade, pruning shears, a soil rake and a weeding knife are few must have gardening tools for a flower garden.

6. Pruning is important to maintain the flower garden. Pruning involves cutting and deadheading flowers in seasons especially winter and spring.

7. Trim shrubs, old growth and dry leaves to have a clean and well maintained flower garden. It is best to fertilize flowers every 30-60 days.

8. Organic composts are best to maintain flower gardens. Avoid using weed and food compost as it attracts insects.

9. Leaves, grass cuttings and vegetable matter are best organic composts for your flower garden. To prevent decomposition, remove or turn the compost with a spade.

10. Few insects and flies such as butterflies, beetles and bees are good for the flower garden as they help pollinate the flowers. Also praying mantis and ladybug controls insects.

It is a great task to maintain your flower garden. Grow beautiful and colorful flower plants with these gardening tips.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 31, 2012, 16:08 [IST]
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