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5 Fastest Growing Plants

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When you start gardening, you are too anxious to include plants that grow as early as possible. Garden lovers are very curious to see the plants show its result. But, the plants take their own time to grow and blossom. If you are too impatient to include such plants in your garden, here are few simple names of plants that grow quickly.

Fastest growing plants for your garden:

Marigold (Tagetes): This flower grows very easily. If you want your garden to look colourful after 2 months, just plant a few marigold saplings or small plants in the soil. Marigold is available in different colours, shapes and sizes. You do not need to think about the soil as marigold grows in every type of soil. Just water the plant regularly and keep under direct sunlight. Once it starts flowering, you can shift the plant to partial shade. These plants are small in size so it becomes easy to maintain and care for them.

Fastest Growing Plants

Royal Palm: Want to include a long palm tree in your garden? You can try planting this fast growing plant. Royal palms grows to about 50 feet height and have long leaves of about 8-10 foots. Royal palm trees can grow in various types of soil. Make sure you plant them in a place where sunlight is good. Water the plant to help it grow easily.

Spider plant: This is another fastest growing plant. You will find this type of plant in many houses. You can either plant them indoors or outdoors. Spider plants can grow in any soil. Water the plant regularly and put them in sunlight for 3-4 hours. Spider plants are ideal for container gardening.

Calendula: It is a colourful flowering plant that happens to be one of the fastest growing plants in the world. Also known as pot marigold, calendula is an easy to grow annual plant that requires very little maintenance and care. Calendula is also used as a beauty product to get glowing skin.

Bamboo plants: These are one of the most easy to grow plants. And they are fast growing too! Heavenly bamboos or Nandina domestica is one of the species that grows faster. This evergreen shrub looks colourful and can add to the beauty of your garden in just a few months. If you want to have a colourful garden with small shrubs, try heavenly bamboo plants.

These are few of the fastest and easy to grow plants and flowers for your garden. These plants do not need much maintenance and can grow in any type of soil and climate. Do you know any other plants that are fast growing?

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