Colourful Plants For Winter Garden

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As winter season has come, gardening becomes really tricky. You have to plant new seeds or wait for the planted seedlings to blossom. There are many garden lovers who stop gardening in the winters or simply grow vegetables. This is simply because of the chilling weather that kills many plant seeds. However, there are many winter plants that can grow and make your garden look more colourful. Lets check out few colourful winter plants that you can plant this season.

Colourful winter plants for your garden:

Colourful Plants For Winter Garden

Snowdrops: The small, white, bell-shaped flowers can add a touch to your winter garden. Plant the snowdrops in a well drained soil. This plant can also blossom after winter. Make sure the soil is moist; water accordingly. For best results, plant the snowdrops in well sheltered spots like under the trees or shrubs. During the early spring season cut the plant so that they survive for more years.

Winter Jasmine: This winter plant can make the woody branches and garden look bright and colourful. The tall stalks are covered with yellow and white flowers. The plant blossoms from December till June. The only disadvantage is that the winter variety of this jasmine doesn't have strong aroma like the summer jasmines.

Camellias: Camellia Japonica has pink and red flowers and glossy green leaves. The camellias can be planted in all seasons. So, make your garden look colourful and smell good throughout the year. The 10-feet tall plant needs rich and abundant soil to sustain. Add mulch in the winters and avoid planting them in drought soil. The bright shine of pink and red flowers and glossy leaves under the partial sun can make your garden look beautiful. Just have patience to see the flowers bloom.

Witch Hazel: You can plant this winter plant in August or in October. The plant looks colourful with its bright yellow flowers. The garden can blossom with numerous small witch hazel flowers throughout the winter season. There are also many uses of this winter plant. You can store the flowers and prepare the essential oil at home!

Evergreen Holly Bushes: The small red cherries can make your garden look extremely attractive. To make your garden look colourful and bright in the winter season, do not forget to plant evergreen holly bushes. If you want the plants to sprout berries, mix male and female evergreen holly plants to get the cherry red and glossy berries.

These are the best colourful plants for your winter garden. Take care of the plants and do not over-water them as moist soil can be best for these plants to bloom. When you will see the colourful flowers covered with snow or fog, the garden will look perfect. Which is your favourite winter plant?

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 21, 2012, 18:16 [IST]
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