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Top Monsoon Plants For Your Garden - II

By Nandhini Devi

If you have a big garden, you can have more monsoon plants. Gardening in the rainy season can be more fun with these monsoon plants. These flowering plants also add a colorful tint to the lush green foliage to your garden. Have a look at a few more top monsoon plants that are listed below.

Eight More Top Monsoon Plants -

1. YELLOW BLADDER WORT (Utricularia stellaris): These insectivorous plants grow catchy yellow flowers, while the bladder is hid beneath the water. These monsoon plants capture tiny insects and animals in the bladder and digest them.

2. INDIAN BORAGE (Trichodesma amplexicaule): This monsoon herb flowers beautiful blue-purple inverted flowers. They grow in patches on almost all damp patches. Different species of this plant are found all over India. Add this plant to your garden this rainy season.

3. BITTER WILD CUCUMBER (Cucumis callosus): This is a climber with yellow flowers ans spreads on the ground. A pale yellow fruit grows on this plant, which belongs to the cucumber family.

4. HILL TURMERIC (Curcuma pseudomontana): These plants grow along the ground and the small flowers that emerge from between the broad leaves are a pretty sight to see. The flowers grow in various hues including mauve-purple, yellow, rose, crimson and red. This is certainly one of the top monsoon plants for your garden.

5. INDIAN MALLOW (Sida acuta): This is a thin shrub that has many small flowers. Some species of this plant yield strong fiber. This flowering plant is a lovely inclusion to your garden.

6. WILD SESAME (Sesamum Indicum): Displaying tubular flowers that are pinkish-purple in color, this plant is one of the most attractive herb of the monsoon. Each flower in this plant includes four compartments that are filled with seeds that are used for oil extraction.

7. DEW FLOWER (Commelina benghalensis): This lovely plant bears flowers that have two, shiny dark blue petals. The entire flower is enclosed in a green sheath, with only two petals protruding out. There are various species of this plant, a few have yellow or orange-purple petals.

8. MONSOON CASSIA (Cassia tora): These plants can cover any extra patches in your garden. The pale yellow petals are set against the leaves. The tender leaves are used as a vegetable, while the seeds are rich source of protein for cattle.

These gardening tips help you create the garden of your dream. Grow these top monsoon plants and thoroughly enjoy your gardening this rainy season!

Story first published: Friday, June 10, 2011, 17:48 [IST]
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