Having A Small Garden In The Office Cubicle?

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Office Plants
Since your office cubicle is your second home we have few tips to make your cubicle more greener and healthier. There are certain plants that do not require sun and soil to survive but help in providing fresh oxygen, a soothing atmosphere in the stressful work pressure. Take a look.

There are the best office plants as they grow without soil but that is if they get all the necessary nutrients and protection from water. The temperature, humidity and oxygen to the roots all add up to the healthy survival of the plant.

Plants That Suit Your Office Cubicle (office plants) -

1. Cacti : This is the best “office" type plant that suits workplace. You don't add water - it is fine, no manure - it is still fine, the plant is proven survivor of the fittest. The growth of the cacti plant depends on the amount of the water it is placed. The plant can also be planted in a pot of sand (as desert is its natural habitat). Cacti do not require sunlight and are safe for the cubicle atmosphere as they are non-flammable.

2. Lucky bamboo: These lucky plants bring luck in the form greenery to the dull office environment. Although the leaves are toxic, it supplies good oxygen. Lucky bamboos can be potted in soil or even placed in water. They are green in all seasons and are best hydroponic plants. The best indoor plant species in bamboo is the Dracaena sanderiana.

3. Bromeliads: These flowering plant can also be kept on the office tables. Although the flowers bloom occasionally they survive for a few days. The entire root system of the plant can be in a bottle of water with little soil. The dry leaves of the plant need to be pruned and the best bromeliad variety is the Vriesia splendens (flaming sword). Even a 4 inch pot would be suffficient to grow a Bromeliad.

4. Money Plant: Jade plant or money plant is also a best hydrponic plant. Decorating office cubicle with the money plant is termed lucky and friendly. Money plants can be planted in water and require less sunlight. They need no pruning or manure. They look green and beautiful always.

Since these indoor plants (office plants) are always in the conditioned environment, try keeping them in sun and in he natural weather at least during weekends or lunch break.

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Story first published: Thursday, August 18, 2011, 18:10 [IST]
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