5 Night Flowers For Your Moon Garden

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Night Flowers
What would a moon garden look like? White and silver you would guess and you will be right. Night flowers or flowers blooming at night are a special category of flowers. They are specially for night pollinators like moths, butterflies, honeybees, etc., so while most flowers open with the first rays of the sun, these flowers open up at night. What they lose out due to visibility they make up in fragrance; yes, these flowers are exceedingly fragrant flowers. They attract both humans and insects with their overpowering aroma.

Here are some of the most fragrant and popular night flowers for your moonlit garden.

Best Night Flowers For Your Moon Garden:

1. Queen Of The Night: There is not another flower so fragrant or rare as this one. It is basically not a plant but a variety of cactii flower that blooms once in a year and that too it might bloom once in several years. It is also known as Cereus cactus and more commonly called 'Queen of the Night' for its rare and majestic presence. It literally bleeds aroma from its beautiful white petals. If you are planting one then expect it to bloom on one special summer night.

2. Night Flowering Jasmine: Not all jasmines are night blooming flowers but a few are. Just like any other flowers for your night garden jasmine too is white. Jasmine plants can grow up into hardwood trees that are perennial but the night blooming variety grows in shrubs of dark green with mother of pearl white flowers in clusters. It cannot sustain in salty soil or else it is quite a adaptable plant.

3. Moon Flower: This night flower is called the moon flower due to its large disc like shape and its affinity to the moon. Although it looks some what similar to its distant cousin Morning Glory, it blooms at night and is characteristically white like most of your moony garden. The plant is basically a creeper therefore fast growing and hardy.

4. Columbine: Another flower that loves the moon filled nights and opens only for the beautiful moon. White as the rest and distinct due to its blade like angular petals. Not only is the flower breathtakingly beautiful but also has a nauseatingly strong aroma. The best part is that it pollinates so well that it spreads across your garden by itself.

5. Evening Primrose: Not all roses are for the summer morning, some love the evening too. It blooms at dusk and stays till dawn; these roses are white to pale pink instead of the common red rose. A very easy plant to grow and it multiplies on its own. No body needs reminding for the sweet smell of the rose that will come with it.

Use these gardening tips to plant the best night flowers for your garden. Enjoy your floral garden on moonlit nights.

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Story first published: Friday, December 16, 2011, 17:02 [IST]
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