Top 5 Christmas Tree Types For Decoration

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Christmas Tree
Its Christmas time and the tree decoration needs to be planned out well in advance. The tree decorations vary from region to region. There are many Christmas tree types used for decorations. Today, we will discuss on those briefly. Take a look.

The types belong to various families like fir, juniper and pine trees. They are all conical trees but differ in the shape of leaves and orientation. Here are the Christmas tree types.

Christmas Tree Types And Decoration

1. Fir – The soft, wide and flat green needle leaves are the original Christmas trees used for decoration. The Nordman Fir, Fraser Fir, Douglas Fir, Balsam Fir and white Fir are most popular tree types. The natural tree is cut and got to the living room and decorated beautifully with ornaments. For many families the Christmas tree decoration is never complete without the natural tree decoration.

2. Pine - Another needle variety that adds aroma to your living room. The needle leaves are green for at least 4 weeks so the decorations look lovely even if done very well in advance. Scots pine is the choice as it looks very elegant with the decoration. The leaves are well oriented (good gaps) and the accessories are highlighted. Virginia pine and juniper pine are all also the types.

3. Spruce – The silver blue tree is a low drop tree and smells reminiscent both for outdoor and indoor decorations. The needles are symmetrical and stiff. Blue, Norway and Omorica spruce are the common varieties. The Norway spruce is the famous Christmas tree which sells high in England.

4. Cypress – The dark green foliage has a feathery appearance. The scented tree has some medicinal properties and that is why is considered sacred. It cures allergies and purifies air. Leyland cypress is the chosen Christmas tree type.

5. Cedar - The Eastern red cedar is the traditional Xmas tree. It is quite popular down south and the eastern red cedar is the famous variety. The branches are light, compact and prism shaped.

6. Potted Trees – The spruces can also be potted Christmas tree types that are grown about 1.80 metres tall in red coloured pots. Growing them is the best outdoor decoration ideas as there can be are small and can be arranged around the house or near the entrance. They can kept anywhere and moved to anyplace.

The Norway spruce is used for making colourful wreaths that can decorate the door and windows. Wonderful outdoor decoration ideas for home.

Story first published: Monday, December 12, 2011, 16:24 [IST]
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