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Plant Diseases And Ways To Cure Them

By Super Admin

'Go Green' is the new slogan of environmentalists to save the Earth from global warming. Charity begins at home and thus each one of us should have a personal garden. A area dedicated to nature. Growing trees can be a bit difficult with the scarcity of land that we all are facing now but plants can surely be used to form a beautiful garden. Plants not only help you to spread the green stretch on Earth but at the same time makes your house look beautiful.

Living amidst nature is a beautiful experience and is also good for health. There are numerous types of plants which we can grow in our house but to care for them is also our responsibility. Plant diseases are caused due to season change, unfavourable condition, excessive water, dryness and hash winter. Plant diseases can kill the plant and also get the soil infested. Here are few common plant diseases and their cure -

1.Aphids – These are pear shaped bugs which feed on plant sap. They are found on leaves. The easy way to cure this plant disease is mix of 2 spoon vegetable oil, half spoon mild detergent and mix it with 2 cups of water. Spray the solution on the plant for one week. Leaves which are heavily infected can be torn off.

2.Mealy Bug – These are white insects. They too are found on the leaves and feed on the sap. The best way to get rid of them is to dip cotton in alcohol and wipe them off the leaves. The leaves which are not cleaning up or are already dead should be pulled off the plant.

3.Whiteflies – They infect the whole plant and look like dandruff. It is generally sticky and turn the leaves yellow. To get rid of them, while watering the plant set the nozzle to steam and spray. This will wash off the plant disease. Soak some mustard seed skin in water overnight. Strain it and mix it with the soil around the plant. This will help get rid of the plant disease within days.

4.Scale – This is a fungus which stick to plant leaves and stem in form of small white mounds. They are most dangerous plant disease. They kill the plant and can make the soil around infertile. The best way to treat this plant disease is to scrub them off the plant using dish soap and warm water.

5.Fungus Grants – These are small flies which grow in damp area. They lay egg in the soil and the larva feed on the plant and the roots. The best way to treat them is to dig the soil well and add more soil. This will kill the eggs. For the larva, mix fragrant body soap with water and spray it hard on the plant.

These are the five common plant diseases found in garden. One should constantly be on the look out of such diseases. Plant diseases should be cured immediately because once it is widely spread, it becomes very difficult to save the plant.

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 17, 2010, 17:22 [IST]
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