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Ornamental Insects In Your Garden

By Super

What is the picture that first come to your mind when you hear the word 'ornamental insects'? Are you imagining some beautiful and harmless insects that scroll around your garden? Your are mistaken then. Ornamental insects re nothing but insects that hamper the beautiful growth of your ornamental garden.

The warm or humid conditions for ornamental gardens aptly suit the healthy growth of the insects too. If these pests are not controlled adequately, they will very soon vanish the beautiful garden that you have brought to life. Some of the mostly appearing ornamental insects are spider mites, cyclamen mites, thrips, lacebugs, mealybugs, aphids, white flies and sooty mold.

The ornamental insects will find the entry into the garden through soil or new plant material. Many are able to survive short periods of time between harvest or plant removal and production of the next gardening. You can determine the time for pest control by adequately checking your ornamental plants.

The ornamental insects detection can include three steps. You can gently beat the parts of the plant on a piece of paper for detecting mites, thrips and scale crawlers. You can also use yellow sticky traps, black light traps and pheromone traps to detect the wandering insects. If the plants start to show a considerable damage, determine that it is time for pest control. While insecticides are important tools, successful control of ornamental insects can be obtained from cultural methods.

  • Always keep a clean mowed area around your garden to reduce the ornamental insects that develop in rank growth.
  • You have to remove the ornamental plants and plant debris after each production cycle.
  • When you buy the ornamental plants from outside, inspect it thoroughly to detect any infested insects or disease.
  • Eliminate infestations by discarding or removing heavily infested plants.
  • You can wash off the heavy infestation of ornamental plants with water also.
  • Application of the oil spray will drive the ornamental insects that starts the infestation in winter.
  • You must be vigilant to drive away the trash pests like snails, slugs, millipedes etc. to ensure the complete recovery from ornamental insects.
  • Your ornamental gardens are primarily grown for their beauty, screening, accent, specimen and colour. Let the name of ornamental insects never destruct the beauty of your garden and use these natural methods to attain the complete aesthetic feeling.

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