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Straight Outta Pinterest: Tips To Make Your Room The Ultimate Boho Pad!

The layered eclecticism, the warm-cosy vibe and full of life; if you've noticed the bohemian home trend and are wondering how to get the look in your own home, then you've come to the right place.

A boho room is relaxed, warm, comfortable, eclectic, lived in, and of course, colourful. What it is not is sterile, perfect, matching decor all over, minimalist and with no colour. With the boho aesthetic, you don't have to worry about being extra or being minimal - because this versatile style works in both ways!

We will help you set up your dream boho room - and worry not, you don't have to spend a ton to get that hippie-boho vibe that would make the perfect backdrop for your selfies.

Tips To Make The Perfect Boho Room

1. Use a variety of textures

You can add textures to your rooms by adding baskets, planters made of different kinds of materials, macrame wall hangings, natural fibre rugs, colourful rugs, wood furniture, upholstery, artwork and even stacks of books add to the aesthetic. You can buy wall hangings and tapestries, some funky pillows without burning a hole in your pocket.

2. Patterns, patterns and more patterns

Patterns are also key in bohemian decor, just like the texture. Just pick a colour scheme and work within it. Try violet and gold or rust and navy. Remember to also leave space for your eyes to rest.

3. Plants are your bestie

Consider yourself a plant-parent? Well, don't hold back then. The more plants you add, the better. Don't forget hanging plants and vine plants. They can help add a ton of visual interest to areas of your room that feel empty.

4. Avoid too much black

Stay away from large, black pieces of furniture or big pieces of furniture in super dark wood if you're going for bohemian chic. You'll be adding colours, patterns, and textures to your room, so light bleached woods offer an airy, clean backdrop.

5. Low seating

As the boho philosophy is about kicking back, chilling out and relaxing, invest in some floor pillows, leather pouffes, soft ottomans and bean bag chairs.

6. Mixture of lights

Just like the plants, don't limit yourself. Use string lights or fairy lights, lanterns, funky chandeliers, candles etc.

7. Rugs? Layer them

You can layer rugs to mix patterns and colours, and it gives your room more texture (texture is key to the BOHO aesthetic). Over a natural fibre jute rug, layer a bright vintage rug. Or layer rugs that are from the same colour family.

8. Go vintage

Interior designers say that in the case of boho decor, some second-hand furniture is really a must for the true boho look. You can make some pretty additions from the local market - make a shopping day out of it!

9. Bright paint

Paint a corner of your room with a bright shade. You don't have to paint the whole room - but just one corner or a door or a window for that pop of colour.

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