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Ganesh Chaturthi Festival Decoration Ideas At Home

By: Debdatta Mazumder

The biggest festival of western India, specifically of Maharashtra, is Ganesh Chaturthi. Are you ready to welcome 'Ganapati Bappa'? Have you thought of the decoration ideas for Ganesh Chaturthi yet?

This festival stands for fun, dance, puja, sweets and joy. It has great impact on the society, as Lord Ganesha brings 'Siddhi' (success) and 'Buddhi' (intelligence).

As we eagerly wait to bring home the Ganesha idols let us also keep in mind to decorate our houses with simple ideas for the occasion.

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Though the festival is for a day only, it leaves sweet memories that you may remember each year while celebrating it. You can follow some simple Ganesha Festival decoration ideas at home and make your house look brilliant.

If you are welcoming 'Ganapati Bappa' every year, do something different this year. The exclusive Ganesha festival decoration ideas will help you here.

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Engage your kids in decorating your houses and see how incredible ideas you'll get from them. Also, this will help them learn more about team work, sharing and thus, they get a good atmosphere for growing up as a responsible citizen.

So, what are the simple Ganesha festival decoration ideas that you could try at home? Read on to know more.


1. Use Thermocol For Decoration:

Have you decided where to place Ganesh Ji? Now, you can decorate the puja place with some thermocol. Draw beautiful designs on thermocol sheets and cut them carefully. You will get beautiful structures. Paste them around the puja place. You can also colour them to make it look unique.


2. Theme Decor:

You can make the corner of your house beautiful by following simple themes. How about making a village inside your home? Bring in some dry grass and thatches and spread them well. Bring statues of village men, women, kids, cows, carts, etc., and put them there. Place the idol of Ganesha at the middle.


3. Ganapati Decoration With Plants:

Do you have money plants in your house? Then, following simple Ganesha festival decoration ideas at home is super easy. Decide where to place the Ganesh idol and make a semi-circle around the idol with these plants. The colourful leaves can give a bright look to your puja area.


4. Flower Decoration:

This is one of the best Ganesh festival decoration ideas for your home. Red flowers are his favourite. Bring home some red roses, carnation, hibiscus and other flowers and decorate the puja place with these. You can use a combination of red and white or red and yellow flowers to give an exotic look.


5. Decoration With Coloured Papers:

You can use colourful marble papers and gift wraps to decorate the puja area. Stick papers on the walls and make flowers, butterflies, etc., with these papers and hang them there. Don't forget to arrange LED lights, as they will make the decoration appear vibrant.


6. Decoration With Lights:

This is one of the easiest Ganesha festival decoration ideas. Hang LED blinking lights at the puja place. You can use soil lamps to decorate it as well. But, you have to be very careful about it. It is better to opt for LED lights to decorate your puja place.


7. Make Rangolis:

Talking about Ganesha festival decoration ideas and not mentioning rangolis is absolutely not done. Make colourful rangolis near the puja place. You can also make one at the entrance and a bigger one in the drawing room. If you have small rooms, decorate the corners with beautiful designs as well.

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