Types Of Ganesha Idols To Bring Home

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Ganesh Chaturthi is approaching and the festival to celebrate Ganapati Bappa is in full-swing now. Every year, many families bring home a Ganesha idol during Ganesh Chaturthi. Some families also have the tradition of bringing a particular type of idol every year. Some believe that the sitting Ganesha is the most auspicious one, while others vouch for the dancing Ganesha.

Here are the major forms of Ganesha idols that you can aspire to bring home next.

Ganesha Idols

The Sitting Ganesha: This is the commonest type of Ganesha idol. A majority of homes have this type of Ganesha who is sitting on a throne. Sometimes, the two wives of Ganesha, Riddhi and Siddhi are seen sitting on his lap. In some creatively designed idols, the Ganesha is also seen sitting on a rat which happens to be his preferred vehicle.

Standing Ganesha: Standing Ganesha idol is typically huge and proud-looking. Ganesha statues usually look bulky due to His enormous belly. But when Ganesha stands to his full height, the image is just breathtaking. A standing Ganesha idol is often seen leaning on a throne.

Natraj Ganesha: Many Ganesha idols also come in a dancing pose. This form of Ganesha looks somewhat like the dancing pose of Natraj. As we all know, the Natraj dance pose symbolises the dance of destruction. For Ganesha too, this dancing pose is symbolic of a destructive energy. Ganapati Bappa took this pose when he killed asuras. This kind of Ganesha is rarely seen at homes. It is sometimes installed at mandapas or community pujas.

Reclining Ganesha: The elephant God has a very regal presence. So the massive figure of Ganesha reclining on a couch cuts a very impressive figure. Usually, Ganesha is seen reclining on a pillow and supporting himself with one arm. This type of Ganesha idol is seen more often in creative art forms and not as an idol for worship.

5-Headed Ganesha: In a mythical anecdote, lord Ganesha was blessed with 5 elephant heads so that he could protect The Earth from troubles coming from all 4 directions-North, South, East and West. The fifth head was given to him so that He could protect the Earth even from the skies. This means, even if the wrath of the Gods fall down upon us from the heavens, then Ganesha will protect us.

These are some of the most interesting forms of Ganesha idols. Which one have you brought home this Ganesh Chaturthi?

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Story first published: Tuesday, September 18, 2012, 17:03 [IST]
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