Different Types Of Rangolis For Diwali

By: Debdatta Mazumder

You will be surprised to know that the history of rangoli in India dates back to almost 5000 years ago. Yes, from that age, rangoli has been used to keep away the evil forces away and it is believed to keep your house safe.

Today, it is also made to make your house look colourful. Festivals like Diwali, Navratri, Onam, etc., won't be complete without making a rangoli. People also make it if there are ceremonies in the house or if there are any other pujas at home.

On Diwali, rangoli is a must. Today, in many parts of India, rangoli competition is also held during Diwali to make the celebration more vibrant.

Usually, traditional rangolis are made from special rangoli colours. You can buy those at the market. Nowadays, professionals are experimenting with objects and they use flowers, rice flour, diyas, etc., to make the rangolis appear more appealing.

Rangoli is made mainly at the front door of your house or on your front yard. If you have a living area, you can make a large and round rangoli. You can mix and match it with colours and flower petals as well.

Rangoli gives your house an auspicious look and makes your house look Diwali ready. Here are a few extensive types of rangolis that can help you decorate your house exclusively for Diwali, take a look.

Different Types of Rangolis for Diwali

1. Chowk: This is one of the oldest forms of rangoli. You must have seen your grandmom make this in front of the puja room. Usually, it is made with wheat flour, turmeric powder and vermillion. This is considered to be auspicious and it is told that it is favourite of the Gods.

2. Free Hand Rangoli: All of you are well aware with this type, as you may have made it for some occasion or the other. Colourful sand is used to make this rangoli. If you are doing this for the first time, draw the outline of the design with chalk and then fill it with colours.

Different Types of Rangolis for Diwali

3. Dotted Rangoli: Here, you need to make dots of equal numbers in equal lines. The shapes are different, like circles, squares, triangles, star, etc. Then, you can fill those with colours. This type of a rangoli is famous in South India, which is made on 'Deepavali'.

4. Flower Rangoli: Many of you may go messy with powdered colours while making a rangoli for the first time. Also, this rangoli is aromatic and very pleasant looking. You need petals of different flowers like roses, lotus, marigolds, jasmine, etc. Draw the outline of your design and fill it with petals. Keep a diya at the middle and see how colourful your Diwali becomes.

Different Types of Rangolis for Diwali

5. Peacock Rangoli: You can use flowers, colourful sand, rice flour, mixed with colours, etc., to make this. There's nothing that can look more elegant than a peacock design. Take a clean corner of your house and make this design.

6. Beads Rangoli: You will need lots of beads, rhinestones, sequins and colourful papers for this type of a rangoli. Make designs by cutting papers of your favourite colours. Now, fix beads and sequins on it. Place it wherever you want. Small paper rangolis will look very cute with little tea-light candles.

7. Alpona: This is exclusively made by Bengalis on Lakshmi Puja or Kali Puja during Diwali. They also make it at any other occasion as well. Usually, alponas are round in shape with designs like paisley, flowers, dots, etc. Alpona is made with rice flour and it is completely white in colour.

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