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Beautiful Ways To Decorate Home With Diyas This Diwali

By: Ajanta Sen
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Festivals have their own importance and most of the religions do carry special sentiments when it comes to celebrating festivals. Since most of the festivals are related to mythological incidents, people belonging to these religions do everything possible to maintain the sanctity of these festivals. In India, Hindu festivals are celebrated throughout the year. Dipawali or Diwali is one of the most attractive festivals that is celebrated in the month of Kartik, as per the Hindu calendar.

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Like any other festival, this festival also has a religious myth. As per the myth, homes are decorated with all sorts of lights to symbolise the victory of good over evil and also signify the homecoming of Lord Rama. Traditionally, earthen pots or Diyas are the most accepted things that people usually use to decorate their homes. Though, people have developed some modern ways of decorating their homes, diyas are still way ahead in popularity. People develop special Diwali Diya decoration ideas that are unique and attractive.

There can be hundreds of ways to decorate your home with diyas during Diwali. Though such decoration ideas are already in use, people still look around to find out newer ideas. If you are looking for some new ways to decorate home with diyas this Diwali, then you should follow the things mentioned below:

Find Diyas Of Attractive Shapes:

Decorating Home With Diyas

This is an interesting thing that you should remember. The market offers quite a few options for you, as there are so many varieties of diyas in the market. You just need to spend some time finding them. Diyas in the shape of pitcher can be an exciting option for you.

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Consider Terracotta Diyas:

Decorating Home With Diyas

The artistic terracotta diyas are real masterpieces and you can develop your own way to decorate your home if you opt for this option. Available in various sizes, shapes and designs, the terracotta diyas can yield a large number of attractive Diwali Diya decoration ideas.

German Silver Diyas Can Sparkle Your Home:

Decorating Home With Diyas

Made with attractive German silver, these diyas can sparkle your home. These diyas are available at your nearest departmental store or shopping mall. You can also get them at online shopping stores as well. You just need to find attractive places in your home where you can place them to get noticed.

Floating Diyas Can be Amazing Indeed:

Decorating Home With Diyas

Floating diyas are certainly a gift of modern technology. You can light them and leave them floating in attractive containers filled with water. Available in various designs and colors, these floating diyas can change the entire look of the place. They consume very less oil and that is why they are not expensive to use as well. As far as the availability of these floating diyas is concerned, they are available easily at your nearest home decoration stores. Moreover, they are also available in the leading online shopping stores.

Create Designs On The Floor Using Diyas:

Decorating Home With Diyas

Though Diyas themselves look nice when they are lighted, you can create your own Diwali Diya decoration ideas too. These designs are possible, especially in the open spaces like lawns or verandahs.

You can consider these ways to decorate home with diyas this Diwali. In bigger cities in India, special contests are held to find out the best Diwali Diya decoration ideas. These ideas can bring your home a distinguished look this year.

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