Quick Ways To Clean Your Home For Diwali

By: Debdatta Mazumder

India celebrates many festivals. In the months of October and November, there are several occasions to rejoice. After Navratri, Karva Chauth and Dhanteras comes the festival of lights- Diwali. In every state of India, Diwali is celebrated with pomp and glitter. If Marwaris decorate their houses with colourful rangolis, Bengalis celebrate their ‘Kalipujo’ in gaiety.

This is the time when everyone worships the goddess of wealth, Devi Lakshmi. In many households, Lord Ganesh (God of Wisdom) and Lord Kuber (another God of wealth) are worshiped together with Goddess Lakshmi.

Such a vibrant festival needs lots of preparations. So, you need quick ways to clean your home for Diwali. This is the time when people visit each other’s places and enjoy together. So, you must clean up your house at least a week before Diwali. But, after all, this is the festive season.

The Significance Of Celebrating Six Days Of Diwali

You definitely wouldn't want to spend most of your time in cleaning windows and sweeping floors. So, you can save your time by following some simple tips to clean your home for Diwali. This way, you can use your time for shopping and inviting friends and relatives.

So, what are the quick ways to clean your home for Diwali? If you live in a 2BHK flat, it will be easier to clean quickly. But it is time-consuming to clean a two or three storied house. So, start well in advance. Start your prepartions couple of weeks before Diwali. Have a look at the easy tips to clean your home for Diwali


Fix Time For Each Place

You have only a week to clean up your house. If you fix certain time for each place, you can complete your tasks fast. For example, keep 2 days for bedrooms and 2 for other rooms. Now, you have time for other places to clean up.


Keep Or Remove

This is the easiest among the quick ways to clean your home for Diwali. There is no use piling up useless things in your storeroom. So, decide what to keep and what to throw. List them out and get rid of the useless items lying around in your home.


Use Vinegar While Cleaning Floors

You know how difficult it is to remove coffee or tea stains from floor. Also, the scribblings of your children on the walls are hard to take away. While mopping, add a few drops of white vinegar in the water.


Change The Bed covers and Curtains

This is one of the easy tips to clean your home for Diwali. You must have been bored to see the same curtains, bed sheets, pillow covers, rugs etc. Diwali is the time to decorate your house with new designs. Replace them with new ones that go with the mood of the festival.


Make The Metals Glossy

Diwali is the time of decoration and gorgeous presentation. If you serve yummy Kaju barfis or laddus on a glossy plate, your reputation among neighbours will definitely increase. So, this Diwali, make your brass utensils shiny with tamarind. After washing, don't forget to wipe those well with fine cotton cloth.


Concentrate On Bathrooms

Cleaning up your entire house except the bathroom is like making a dish without salt. Remove all unused materials. Clean the ducts well with phenyl. Mix lemon juice and vinegar with water and rub the shelves and floor to remove any kind of stains. Brush the commodes well and flush them.


Clean The Kitchen Shelves

Wooden shelves in your kitchen gather dust fast. Use a vaccum cleaner to remove the dust from the shelves. Or else, use a cloth to clean those shelves.

Hopefully, you've got enough ideas on quick ways to clean your home for Diwali. If you haven't started yet, start now. You can clean your home fabulously before the festival comes. Enjoy the festival with your friends and family but stay safe.

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