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Wallpaper Shades For Windows

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Get creative this monsoon with your window blinds. A dash of colour and patterns is needed to make your boring window cover attractive. Wallpaper need not necessarily be on the walls only. You can also add it to your window cover to add a bit of creativity and privacy to your space. Try this out and see how many people are using this idea to decorate their homes. Lets see some wallpaper shades that you can use for your window cover.

Floral Patterns- The best wallpaper shades for your house this season would definitely be the floral ones. You may go for the applique, stencilled or simply painted floral pattern for your window wallpaper. Its better if you use bright coloured base for the floral prints. It makes your house look all the more attractive. But if you do not like bright shades you may stick to light pastel shades like sky blue or baby pink. And if you want to add that vintage touch to your home decor then use a vintage print floral window wallpaper instead of all the above ones.

Wallpaper For Windows

Single Colour- As for single coloured window wallpapers, its better to stick to some light colour shades. A fluorescent single tone colour window wallpaper cannot give your home a touch of classiness and rather ends up in looking cheap. Use roll overs or a cord tassel in your wallpaper shades. You might also opt for the usual fabric pattern. Add frills, fringes or a leather border of the same colour to make your window wallpaper look all the more attractive.

Abstract Patterns- This is the best for your kids room. Children simply love all kinds of abstract patterns and this one would definitely be liked by them. Give them wallpaper shades with cartoons or maps on them. You can even make this a kind of learning material for your kids. Paint on the wallpaper something that they lack interest in.You will find that they have quite interestingly regained an interest in the same subject this time. You may also create a jumbled up pattern of all colours for the wallpaper.

Embedded or Scalloped- Try at a scalloped or an embedded shade of wallpaper for your window. You can add an all new look to your home by using this idea. Get a modern and regal look in one. For this wallpaper pattern select a light base so that the design gets highlighted all the more.

Use these ideas for your window wallpaper and enhance the decor of your home. See how many praises you get for this creative and innovative idea of using a window cover.

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