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Easy And Affordable Teacher's Day Decoration Ideas

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Teacher's day is always a special occasion for the teachers and students alike. This is a special event for the students whereby they get to thank their teacher for all they do for the year round. There is a very popular saying about Teacher's Day that says, " Teacher's Day is a teacher's birthday." This is so because on that particular day a teacher becomes the centre of attention. All arrangements are made in their honour. Here are a few ideas to make your Teacher's Day all the more special.

Paper Rolls- Decorating classroom with paper rolls is one of the greatest ideas for Teacher's Day. Take some paper rolls of various colours and shapes. Also you need some glue for the purpose. Take the paper rolls and stick them with glue in a semi-spherical shape on the upper part of the wall. Do this to decorate all the four walls of the classroom. You may as well use this idea for impress your teacher on this Teacher's Day using one of these awesome ideas.

Teachers Day

Flowers- Using flowers is one of the very creative and innovative ideas for Teacher's Day. There is no need to use flower garlands for the purpose. Take some rose or marigold petals and spread them on the table of your teacher. Also stuff some flowers in a flower vase and keep it on the table. There is another very creative ideas for Teacher's Day decoration. Place handful of flower petals on the blades of a fan using a chair or a desk to stand on. And as soon as your teachers come in, turn on the fan as this will shower flower petals over them. They will be very pleasantly surprised and you will also be able to impress your teacher in a better way.

Colourful Chalks- Use colourful chalks for decorating the blackboard of your classroom. This an excellent Teacher's Day ideas; this is cheap too. You might draw several patterns on the blackboard using chalks. And if you are celebrating Teacher's Day at your teachers home then you may also use these chalks for drawing several floral patterns on the floor of the classroom.

Balloons- Using balloons is one of the simplest ideas for decoration on Teacher's Day. Take 2-3 balloons and stick them on the walls in pairs. This will look good and can be done within minutes. You may stuff some glitters inside the balloons if you desire.

These are all very easy and affordable ideas for decoration on Teacher's Day. Make this Teacher's Day all the more special for all your teachers and friends by putting these ideas into practice.

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