Plan A House Party For New Year

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Are you tired of waiting in queues outside the parties on every new year eve? Then, maybe you should consider having a house party to celebrate new year's eve this time. But instead of waiting for one of your friends to throw a house party, you can plan a party all by yourself. There is no need to get freaked just because it is new year party. Trust me, it not a rocket science.

After arranging this new year house party, you will surely feel like a star event manager! All you need are few right things to make your new year party a success. Some of the things required for planning party are music, food and drinks. But some minor things come out of experience. For example, you need to have a lot of tissues and few buckets for a house party. This is to collect and clean the puke of those guests who get drunk!

So, you need a variety of things to make your new year party a huge hit. Some of these things are very important for entertaining at home, like a good music system.

Here are some of the essentials for planning a house party for new year's eve.


Home Theatre

You need a home theater or atleast a good music system to entertain guests at home. You need to have powerful speakers that can play loud music and set the new year party mood.


Dance Floor

To set up a temporary dance floor in the house, you need to move all the furniture out of your hall or one of the rooms. This will give you enough space to dance.


Coloured Lights

Sparkling lights amidst the darkness makes the party come alive. Use stings lights, rope lights and also twinkling lights to decorate your place for a house party.


Mini Bar

You must have a mini bar or cellar in your house to stock up the alcohol in your house. This might be the busiest place of your house party.


Buckets & Tissues

Keep lots of tissues around the house. Also place some buckets at strategic locations to keep your party puke-free.



Have lots of popular appetizers because your guests will feel hungry while dancing. Garnish the appetizers appropriately.


Novel Cocktails

Come up with interesting cocktails that look colourful and decorated with pretty toppings.


Table Setting

Set up a simple table for dinner. Most of your guests will be busy dancing so do not bother with too intricate table settings.


Terrace Party

If you have a large terrace then organise your new year party there. Have lots of lights and set up the food and drink counters on the terrace this year. Light a fire if it is cold.


Comfy Cushions

Most of your guests will retire at your place after a night of wild partying so have lots of comfortable cushions ready to accommodate them.

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 26, 2012, 17:51 [IST]
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