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6 Places At Home To Keep Fish Tanks!

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Home Fish Tanks
Fish tanks at home serve multiply purposes; you would ask how is that? They have to be cleaned constantly and feed appropriately. Look back at any well kept wall aquarium and you will know that it is one of the best decoration ideas for your house. Then again, fish are living beings and they also serve as your pets. Apart from all this, fish tanks are considered good luck charms in Feng Shui and Vastu because they bring positive energy into your home.

So lets take a look at how differently you can place fish tanks in your home to make it look gorgeously aquatic.

Places To Fish Tanks At Home:

1. Square Aquarium In The Living Room: A square glass aquarium with glass on all sides but one is the most typical of all aquariums. It is still a good enough piece to keep at home if you maintain it well. Being traditional it is also very versatile; you can put it anywhere be it in your living room or your dinning room but make sure it is well lit and adorned with some basic accessories or else it looks too plain.

2. Wall Aquarium: This kind of an aquarium can be in any shape because it is fixed directly into the wall. If you are building your own house then you can leave a hollow in one of the walls and then fill up appropriately to make an aquarium inhabited by fish. If you have no hollow you can use one of the spaces for wall cabinets to create this. It looks best in passages or in your living space.

3. In Built Aquarium Under The Staircase: This too is a wall aquarium but of a special kind. When you have a staircase in your house then there is a block of space under it at the base. This space can be utilised to build a fish tank at home.

4. Fish Bowl In The Bed Room: A bowl containing two gold fish when kept at the side of a couple's bed are supposed to be good luck charms. So keeping it on the side table of your bed will foster romance and positivity in your life.

5. Fish Bowl On A Side Table: A bowl of fish, usually one or a couple is a single point attraction. When you have really exclusive fish like a gold fish or a piranha then you have to keep it in the place of honour. You can us it as a centerpiece in your drawing room or your dinner table.

6. Corner Aquarium: A corner aquarium is obviously something that you put in the corner of the room. You can build as the top portion of a side cabinet or any other decorative structure you have. It is basically angled out to fit and cover the corner.

Use these home decorating ideas to make innovative use of fish tanks at home.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 10, 2012, 11:40 [IST]
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