Pooja Room Decor Ideas For Varalakshmi Festival

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Today, we shall discuss on the various ways to decorate pooja room for the upcoming Varalakshmi festival. Take a look.
It is believed that goddess lakshmi brings prosperity and wealth to our homes and on the varalakshmi festival, women welcome the goddess and perform poojas in the beautifully decorated pooja room.

Pooja Room Decor Ideas For Varalakshmi Festival -

1. Coin Arrangement – As Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth, the entire pooja room floor is filled with the shiny coins. The 1, 2 and 5 denominations are collected and arranged like a rangoli on the floor. Even the mantap is glued with coins. Nowadays we even find the gold colored 5 rupee coins which can be collected and arranged all over the room. This gives a gold coin look to the pooja room.
2. Note arrangement – 10, 20 and 50 rupee notes can also be used for the pooja room decorations. Arrange the notes like play cards on floor and that makes a rangoli in itself. You can even carefully staple the rupee notes into “Thoranas"/ festoons. Decorating with notes is easy as they are light and colorful.
3. Lotus Arrangement – Since varalaksmi always holds lotus (likes lotus flowers), you can make a lotus arrangement in the prayer room. Place the long stemmed lotus in the entrance of the mantap. Place a vessel filled with water and decorate with diyas and lotus petals. The petals can also be arrangement on the pathway of the pooja room.
4. Ashta Lakshmi Arrangement – As we all know, goddess lakshmi is popularly known for her eight forces namely Adi lakshmi, Dhana lakshmi, dhairya lakshmi, vidya lakshmi, santana lakshmi, vijaya lakshmidhanya lakshmi and gaja lakshmi. You can buy the statues or motifs of the ashta lakshmi for the pooja room decor and arrange around the mantap and even on the walls. You can even take a computer print out and make cut outs for the god's room and festoons.
5. Red Theme – Lakshmi is generally symbolised with the color red so decorating the pooja with the theme color looks very unique and special. Purchase the flowers with the shades of red and also decorate the floor with the rangolis filled in red. The red rose petals look very beautiful for the theme decor. Buy a red saree and ruby studded jewellery for the goddess.

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Story first published: Wednesday, August 10, 2011, 15:48 [IST]
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