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Insects Free Home - Part III

By Super Admin

There are diverse types of insects in your home that will hamper your peaceful life. So far, we have discussed natural methods to get rid of many of those insects. However, there are some insects that are mortal threat to your health. Those insects will suck your blood and transmit fatal diseases to you. Those insects are bed bugs, biting midges, body lice, head lice, mosquitoes and red poultry mites. You must be wondering how these insects have damaged your health till date and wish to get rid of their attack. Here are some natural methods to get rid of blood sucking insects from your homes.

Bedbugs and Red Poultry Mites are nocturnal insects that hide in the crevices of your bed during daytime and come out at night to suck blood. They often go undetected and a huge population will be awaiting you by the time you find out what has been biting you. Here are some easy tips to kill the huge population of bed bugs.

  • Expose the bed insects infested items to hot sun for two or three days. This will drive away the mites and bugs in the infested items.
  • Vacuuming is very effective to remove insects and eggs from mattresses, carpets, walls and other surfaces. After vacuuming, you have to dispose the vacuum contents in a sealed trash bag.
  • You can impinge steam wash to your carpets and mattresses to kill the huge population of mites and bugs.
  • Sticky traps or glue boards can be used to catch the mites and bugs that wander about.
  • The tea tree spray will drive away the insects as in a charm.
  • The insects infested areas can be fumigated to drive the insects away. Biting Midges are one of those blood-sucking insects that are difficult to control. They will suck blood all through day and night. You can try these methods to control biting midges
  • Use low pressure and high-pressure sodium lights for outdoor lighting. These will attract only a fewer number of biting midges to your area.
  • You have to regulate the moisture around your house. Biting midges lay their eggs in moist places
  • Vinegar spray will work as a charme to repel bed bugs.
  • You can try Ivomec to repel large biting midges.
  • You can prepare the home spray by mixing octagon soap, mouthwash, and warm water to spray on the biting midges infested areas.
Body Lice are always associated with the poor hygiene of a person. So, these insects will not infest people who bath regularly and wear clean clothes. Take these simple ways to get rid of bode lice
  • A hot shower and regular washing of your clothes and beddings will eliminate body lice.
  • You have to dry your washed clothes for at least 45 minutes.
  • You can rub lindane or elemite lotion all around your body to get rid of body lice infestation.
Head Lice are usually found on head and they also appear amongst hair in other parts of the body. Head louses usually like clean hair and infection by these insects is not necessarily to do with poor hygiene. You can take some home remedies to chase away the head lice.
  • Comb your hair regularly. The combing of your hair with a metal comb will increase the blood circulation in your hair and will chase out the hair lice.
  • You can apply the natural herbal oils to the scalp and hair to keep the hair lice away.
  • In addition to direct control of the hair lice, you can soak the combs and brushes in hot ammonia solution for one hour to prevent the hair lice infestation.
Mosquitoes carry various diseases like malaria, flu, etc. The female mosquitoes suck the human beings in order to have enough protein to lay eggs. They are the most dangerous insects in your house. Do stay away from mosquitoes by using these simple preventions.
  • Do not allow stagnant water to accumulate in your yard, old tires, buckets, unused plastic swimming pools, the base of a flower pot, pet dishes, plastic covers or any container that may collect water for more than two days.
  • You have to change the water in birdbaths, fountains and wading pools at least once a week.
  • A thin layer of oil over the mosquito larvaes will kill them.
  • You can keep the ornamental pools with minnows and goldfishes. They will gobble a huge population of mosquitoes.
  • You have to keep swimming pools, saunas and hot tubs clean and chlorinated.
  • You have to fills the unnecessary holes around your home.
  • You must keep the bushes and hedges trimmed to reduce the hiding shades for mosquitoes.
  • You can mow your lawn at least once in a week.
  • You can prevent the indoor infestation of mosquitoes by window screens and netting.
Apart from these natural remedies you can always seek the help of professional pest controllers to make an insect free home. However always remember that insects feed on unhygienic surroundings. If you have a good sanitation; you will be the sole owner of your house and the insects will be jinxed by its charm.
Story first published: Tuesday, November 14, 2006, 17:34 [IST]
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