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Best Beds

By Super Admin

Sleep and rest cannot be fulfilling without a comfortable bed. There are different varieties of beds that one can choose from for a tight and undisturbed sleep.

Different Bed Types

As the name goes it is an air mattress without any fillings or springs. They are portable and can be pumped by hand for a required level. They are flexible and can adjust to the contours of the body giving great comfort. Airbeds usually have a layer of foam on the top that increases the comfort level and to prevent the air from puncturing. They are commonly used for camping and for guests. They are also used as mattress for a sofa bed.

Canopy Beds
A canopy bed adds the extra style and luxury for an extravagant bedroom. It is also called the 'Four Poster bed'. It is like any other beds with wood or any metal covered by a canopy cloth. They are available in various styles. Specially built canopy beds will have canopy frames from which the fabric will flow like a drape. A silk or a satin canopy can make it look much richer. Canopy beds are ideal for a romantic bedroom decor.

Futon Beds
They are generally sofa beds playing the dual role of a sofa as well as a bed. It consists of a wood or a metal frame with a thin bed with a cover. The frame can be adjusted to use it as a bed in the night and a sofa during the day. Though they bear the complaint of discomfort, they are ideal for reducing space pressure

Murphy Beds (Wall Beds)
Murphy bed was founded by William Murphy to tackle space constraint. The bed fold onto the wall during the day and at night unfolds to resemble a bedroom. Later Murphy invented a novel method of hiding the bed to the door of the closet. The two styles of Murphy bed that exists today is the original style that unfolds from the wall called the 'Panel' or the 'Bi-fold ' or the 'Closet' style.

Story first published: Thursday, December 21, 2006, 14:46 [IST]
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