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Is It Bloating Or Belly Fat? 4 Signs Which Will Help You Find The Difference

You might have had days when you thought that you have suddenly gained too much belly fat and then, ignores the feeling thinking it is just a baby fat until it enlarges and hardens your stomach giving you a feeling of uneasiness. Well, the fact is bulging stomach is not always a sign of weight gain or fat accumulation; bloating can also be the main hidden culprit behind it.

Both fat and bloating are different from each other in terms of causes and potential health issues related to them. Therefore, it is very important to understand the difference between the two as any wrong approach in their treatment methods may cause harm to the person.

Here are a few signs which will help you identify the difference between belly fat and bloating.

1. Belly fat is widespread while bloating is localized

The best way to identify the difference between the two is by its physical appearance. In belly fat, bulging is not only limited to the stomach but also to other body parts due to the accumulation of excess fat while in bloating, only the stomach bulges out due to the excess production of gas.

2. Belly fat is spongy while bloating is tight

To know the difference between the two, press your belly and feel whether it is spongy or tight. A spongy stomach is the sign of accumulation of fat while the tightness in the stomach reflects bloating. This is due to the disordered reflex control of abdomen and diaphragmatic muscles which cause tightness in the abdominal muscles of patients experiencing bloating.

3. Belly fat is constant while bloating keep fluctuating

The most notable difference between fat and bloating is that in belly fat, the size of the stomach remains constant as it is the build-up of fats which takes time to decrease while in bloating, the size of the stomach keeps fluctuating throughout the day and comes to normal within a day.

4. Belly fat is painless while bloating is painful

Belly fat is identified by the painless bulging of the stomach when pressed while bloating comes with painful experience along with some physical discomfort. This is due to the excess accumulation of gas in the abdomen for a prolonged period.

Common Causes Of Bloating

Bloating is caused by multiple reasons. Some of the common causes of bloating are:

  • High fibre foods like cabbage and onion
  • Overeating or eating fast
  • Medical conditions like lactose intolerance or wheat allergy
  • Excess consumption of salt
  • Lack of water in the body
  • Stress
  • Menstruation
  • Change in sleep pattern

How To Deal With Bloated Stomach

1. Stay hydrated throughout the day

2. Consume high protein diets

3. Cut down on carb

4. Eat smaller meals more frequently

5. Walk after each meal

6. Avoid soda or carbonated drinks

7. Stay physically active all-day

Final Note:

Bloating is for a temporary period and often soothed by certain medications while belly fat lasts long and requires physical workout and low carb diet to get reduced. The former is often caused due to indigestion which results in the excess production of gas causing the stomach to bulge out while the latter is due to the accumulation of fat in the abdomen. People often make the mistake of considering their bloating as belly fat and ignore the treatment that results in other health complications. Thus, considering the aforementioned signs, understand the exact cause behind the bulged out belly and seek the right medical help.

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