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8 Signs You Are Eating Too Much Sugar

Sugar is one of the most dangerous substances on this planet at this point in human history.

Unfortunately, it also happens to be super delicious and addictive, which is why it is added to pretty much every food item sold in stores.

So if you are addicted to this white substance, I don't blame you. I was in your shoes a while back too and really had to confront my addiction head-on before I could free myself from it's vicious clutches.

And to help you do the same, here are 8 signs you are eating too much sugar.


#1 You Suffer From Frequent Mood Swings

Sugar is absorbed very fast by your body. That's why whenever you eat or drink anything sugary, you are immediately hit by sugar rush.

In the scientific world, this is called a blood sugar spike, and it instantly gives you the strength of ten elephants (figuratively, at least!).

But since sugar is utilized by your body equally fast (your body doesn't need to break it down too much), this spike is followed by a rapid drop in your blood sugar level, which leaves you cranky, irritable, and moody.

Talk about a perpetual PMS!


#2 You Crave Sugar All The Time!

There are two reasons why this happens.

One, sugar is addictive. And like all addictive substances, causes you to crash hard once it is completely utilized by your body.

And two, your taste buds get acclimatized to the flavor over time, which makes you crave something even more sugary to register the taste.


#3 Your Skin Is Breaking Out

Teenage was the most cringe-worthy time of my life. And I am sure that was the case for you too (unless you were one of the lucky few who never got a pimple, like ever!).

So if your skin is acting out again just the way it used to do during those painful non-photogenic years, (and you are guilty of eating one too many chocolates and doughnuts day in and day out), then the real reason behind your misery is definitely sugar.


#4 You Have Regular Headaches And Migraines

When you consume too much sugar regularly, your body starts to rely just on the energy you get from sugar to get your through the day. And this can lead to frequent migraines and headaches because every time your blood sugar falls after a spike, your body fails to utilize your fat stores for energy and instead directly goes into a state of hypoglycemia.


#5 You Are Not Losing Any Weight

If you exercise regularly and eat healthy, but are still not losing any weight, then you probably are eating too many sugary things, including fruits that have a lot of natural sugars in them.

This happens because your body can utilize sugar for energy very easily. So when you eat too much sugar, your body does not utilize the energy stored in your fats to fuel your day-to-day activities, which prevents weight loss.


#6 You Have Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal disorders, like PCOS, are linked to excessive sugar consumption and stress. So if you are having infrequent periods or have been diagnosed with PCOS, you definitely are eating too much sugar.


#7 Your Mouth Is Full Of Cavities

It doesn't just apply for kids. Eating too many chocolates and sweets will give adults cavities too!

So if you have noticed blackish discolorations on your tooth with pain whenever you bite something, you are eating too much sugar.

Don't you know the bacteria in your mouth love to eat sweets too?


#8 You Eat Too Much Sugar

Let's face it. Only someone in extreme denial about their habit requires the above points to realize they are eating too much sugar.

So, yes. If you are eating a slice of pastry every single day or stuffing yourself with chocolates and doughnuts and puddings get the point, you definitely are eating too much sugar!

Story first published: Thursday, March 22, 2018, 17:00 [IST]
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