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10 Reasons Why Your Nipples Itch All The Time

If your nipples have been giving you some tough time of late, don't worry. You are not alone. Our naughty bits have always annoyed us from time to time to get our attention.

So here are 10 reasons why your nipples itch all the time.


#1 The Weather Is Dry

If your lips and skin have been cracking up because of the extreme dryness in the air, it's no coincidence that your nipples have been itching like crazy too. They need some moisture, for crying out loud!

Here are our best tips to lock the moisture in and keep the itches out:

  • Rub your nipples with some body oil or a moisturizer.
  • Don't bathe for more than 10 minutes.
  • Use a humidifier at home to add some moisture to the air.

#2 You Have Eczema

If you have a history of eczema and notice crusts forming on your nipples that itch and ooze, use topical steroids to control the autoimmune disaster you know will soon follow. But if the cracks and oozes are too terrifying, we recommend you to consult with your doctor before you take any medication, since oozing sores on the nipple can be a symptom of something more sinister than eczema.


#3 You Are Using A New Bar Of Soap Or Body Wash

Contact dermatitis is the other name for skin allergies induced by chemicals and other compounds. So if your nipples developed itching and rashes ever since you changed your soap or body wash, then the possible culprit is the new product.

Stop using the product and see if your rashes subside.


#4 You Did Not Wash Your New Bra Before Wearing It For The First Time

Your brand new bra may look clean, but it is far from so. In fact, undergarments, like other clothes, are manufactured in bulk, in factories, and often come in contact with a lot of dirty equipment and the soil before they are packaged and sent off to department stores.

Therefore, you should never wear a new bra or underwear without washing it thoroughly first, as it can cause an infection, or in the worst-case scenario, lead to parasitic worm infestation, which causes intense itching in your nipples.


#5 Your Bra Is Too Rough On The Inside

An easy solution to nipple chaffing is to apply petroleum jelly over the sensitive skin and then wear your bra. But if your bra is too worse for wear, the better solution will be to get a new one.


#6 You Are Pregnant

Wasn't it bad enough already with the morning sickness and swollen feet? Unfortunately, if you are pregnant, itchy nipples will soon be the last thing on your mind. So you might as well learn to live with it before the next health crisis takes its toll.


#7 You Are Breastfeeding A Child

Breastfeeding might look easy on the outside, but when your child latches onto your nipple in an awkward manner (until you guide her to latch on correctly) and then promptly suckles away at your sensitive breast, like she is sucking the marrow out of your bones, you realize that it is not as simple as it looks.

So if your nipples are sore and itchy, it's time to buy some nipple butter to make the breastfeeding phase a little bit easier on your body.


#8 You Have A Fungal Infection

Thrush is a type of fungal infection that affects the moist parts of our body, especially the tongue, if we have poor hygiene. So if you see painful, white rashes on your breast that flake away when touched, the itching in your nipples is because of a fungal infection.

Don't try to self medicate. Go and get a doctor's advice on the best way to approach this situation.


#9 You Have Menopause

Menopause causes your skin to become dry and itchy. So if you have been suffering from hot flashes and have itchy nipples as well, then blame your woes on your new friend.


#10 You Have A Tumor Inside Your Breast

Itchy, crusty nipples are a sign of early-stage breast cancer. But before you start freaking out, get yourself checked out by a gynaecologist. Only a trained professional can diagnose your condition. We can't.

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Story first published: Monday, February 19, 2018, 13:08 [IST]
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