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Incorporate These 10 Healthy Habits To Avoid Getting Sick

Incorporate These 8 Healthy Habits To Avoid Getting Sick | Boldsky

If you are constantly coughing, feeling feverish all the time and always sniffling, then it may be time to re-evaluate how you are living your life. Because lifestyle plays a huge role in the health of your immune system. There are certain healthy habits that you should abide by to avoid sickness.

Some things like lack of sleep, chronic stress, and a poor diet may weaken your immune system. And if you have a weak immune system, your body cannot fight against an infection.

You should instead take care of yourself and develop healthy habits that boost your immune system. Apart from a change in lifestyle habits, good nutrition is as important as leading a healthy lifestyle. With proper well-balanced nutrition combined with physical activity, your diet can help you to reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce the risk of chronic diseases and promote your overall health.

So, here, we bring to you some of the healthy habits that most people do to avoid getting sick. And you should start incorporating these too.

1. Drinking Enough Water

Getting enough water in your body will help in flushing out the germs that could make you feel sick. Staying hydrated is the key to overall health. So, how do you know how much water to drink every day? It is recommended by the health authorities to drink eight glasses of water daily for additional benefits. Eight glasses of water equals to about 2 litres or half a gallon of water.

2. Don't Skimp On Sleep

Studies have shown that, when you don't sleep enough, your immune system suffers and you are more prone to getting sick. Sleep is necessary for the body, as the body gets a chance to recuperate, repair and rejuvenate when you are sleeping. Health experts recommend sleeping at least for six to eight hours every night.

3. Keep Your Phone Screens Clean

You might be surprised to know this that, your phone screen is way dirtier than you thought it was. It's because the phone screen picks up germs from whatever surfaces you lay it down on throughout the day. Also, your hand are filled with germs, which get transferred to the phone and other objects. Touching them regularly, but probably not cleaning them, will make you sick. You can use wipes to wipe down your phone screen.

4. Practice Yoga Or Meditation

Research has found that stress has a negative impact on the immune system. To boost up your immune system, you need to let go of stress. You can start by doing meditation or yoga daily to help reduce stress levels. Apart from reducing stress levels, yoga and meditation can have an impact on your physical and mental well-being. Yoga improves balance, flexibility and strength; while meditation relieves stress, anxiety and keeps the mind sharp.

5. Including Zinc In Your Diet

Studies have revealed that zinc can help prevent cold. According to health experts, if you take zinc, take it in the form of a syrup which allows it to stay in the throat. Zinc nasal sprays should not be used, as they may result in a loss of smell. Additionally, you could also include zinc-rich foods in your diet such as oysters, beef, lamb, dark chocolate, pork, chicken, nuts, spinach, etc.

6. Inhaling The Outside Air

Getting fresh outside air is of utmost importance. Going for a walk on a trail and breathing the fresh air promotes a more active lifestyle. The fresh air helps the blood circulation, provides relief from stress and improves well-being. Being outside will also provide your body with adequate levels of vitamin D, and air quality tends to be better in open air.

7. Drink Hot Water

There are amazing benefits of hot water that can prevent you from falling sick. Research shows that hot water can improve mucus flow through the nasal passages and this helps to reduce sinus symptoms. Drinking hot tea or hot water with raw honey added to it works wonders in combating sickness. You could also drink warm water with cinnamon stick in it.

8. Essential Oils

Essential oils can help relieve pain, stress and other bodily issues. Oregano essential oil and thieves essential oil can boost up your immune system and relieve tension from the soles of the feet and spine. Research has shown that oregano essential oil among other oils is an effective alternative to antibiotics in lowering sickness.

9. Change Your Hand Towels Often

How often do you change your hand towels or bathing towels? Hand towels are more prone to germs because you are using it daily for multiple times, and they might not be properly cleaning your hands. So, you have to change them every day. A study found that coliform bacteria on 89 percent of kitchen towels and E.coli in 26 percent was found in hand towels.

10. Eat Yogurt To Boost Immune System

Yogurt is a probiotic food which has tons of health benefits. Yogurt can also prevent you from falling sick. Yogurt can regulate the good and bad bacteria in your gut microbiome. A healthy gut reduces inflammation in the body, allowing it to better fight off possible infections. Also, probiotics can reduce upper respiratory tract infections.

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