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Ayurveda Breaks The Myth About Drinking Water Just Before Or After A Meal

By Rashi Shah
Ayurveda Breaks The Myth About Drinking Water Just Before Or After A Meal | Boldsky

Is it healthy to drink water immediately before or after a meal? This is a question that has been prevailing in the minds of almost everyone since ages. Some state that it is quite normal to drink water before or after a meal or even sometimes during a meal. However, some people are of a completely opposite opinion.

Some people believe that it is quite a bad habit to drink water during or after a meal. It's not just the common people who are confused about this question. Even some doctors give contradictory opinions and suggestions about whether you should or should not drink water just before or after your meal.

Well, it's certainly time now to unravel this age-old mystery. This can be solved in an easier manner by taking the help of Ayurveda.

Effects of drinking water before meal

Ayurveda states that drinking water before your meal can lead to the weakening of your digestive system and have a harmful effect on your health. Drinking water before your meal will lead to diluting of the gastric juice and this is totally contradictory to the digestive strength of your body. Your body will suffer largely because of this.

Ayurveda also states that drinking water before your meals can even cause some serious weakness in your body. Therefore, it can be clearly seen that Ayurveda is of the firm opinion that you must not drink water right before your meal. Instead, you can drink water few hours before your meal so that your health is not affected badly in absolutely any way.

Effects of drinking water after meal

When you drink water right after you have your food, it affects the quality of the food you are consuming and also the strength of the digestive system of your body. No matter what food you consume, drinking water adds a cooling effect to the food eaten and chances are that you might become overweight if you practice this habit regularly.

Hence, it can also be stated that Ayurveda is not in the favour of practicing the habit of drinking water right after eating your meal. Drinking water just after you have finished eating your meal can affect your overall fitness and health.

Once your meal is over, wait for about half an hour and only then you must drink some amount of water. This will give you a feeling of fullness in your stomach after your meal and also quench your thirst and give you some satisfaction. After 2 hours, your digestion process will get over completely, after which you can drink as much water as you feel like having as this will not cause you harm in any way and keep you fit and healthy always and your body hydrated.

The option, however, that Ayurveda does completely and fully support without a doubt is that of drinking water during a meal. It is extremely beneficial to your health to a very great extent according to the teachings of Ayurveda.

When you drink water during a meal, the food you eat is moistened and it also helps in breaking down the food into very small particles. Also, if in case you are eating something that is of oily or spicy nature, drinking water will also help in quenching your thirst. Therefore, it is definitely an ideal and healthy habit to drink some amount of water in the middle of your meal.

Having said that, it also does not mean that you can drink a glass or two full of water in order to quench your thirst and satisfy yourself. Try and keep the amount of water you drink as minimum as possible during your meals. Otherwise, your stomach will be filled with just water and the consumption of food will also decrease comparatively.

Also, keep in mind that if in case you do wish to drink water while having your meal, make sure that the water you are drinking is at the room temperature and not very cold. Drinking extremely cold water can result in the reduction of the digestive fire, which will make the digestive enzymes inactive and ultimately lead to the gathering of the toxic waste in your body.

This will also result in toxic ailments, such as acid reflux or a hiatus hernia. You must also avoid consumption of aerated drinks or coffee while having your food as much as possible as this can also result in negative effects on your digestive system and ultimately on your health and fitness.

Just in case you are one of those people who has to take medicines before eating your meal, make sure you take your medicines about half an hour before you consume your meal and make sure that you drink as little water as possible even then. The same applies even to those who are advised to take medicines after their meals.

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