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9 Types Of Body Aches You Must Never Ignore

By Chandana Rao
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Pain is one of the most commonly felt sensations by most living beings, right? Most of us experience some kind of a minor pain on a regular basis.

Be it from jamming your fingers between a car door, stubbing your toes against the leg of a table, stomach pain from digestive problems, headaches from stress, sprains that occurred while playing a sport - you name it.

Without feeling an ache or a pain, we would not know about a presence of an injury or an ailment, especially if it is internal.

This is because, pain is a symptom of a number of conditions, usually caused by inflammation or infections caused by that particular disease or injury.

When the nerves or tissues in a certain area of your body get inflamed or infected, it can cause pain, as inflammation or infections can inhibit blood flow.

Now, certain kind of aches are so intense that people usually seek medical help immediately for these.

There are other types of aches, occurring at certain parts of your body, which may not be too intense, so many people tend to ignore them until it is too late!

So, here are a few types of body aches which you must never ignore at any cost.


1. Back Pain

Many people would have experienced back pain in their lives, especially as they age due to various reasons because it is one of the most common types of pain. The back muscles support both the upper and the lower parts of the body, so they are under a lot of strain as it is! Now, if you are constantly experiencing back pain, coupled with tingling sensations in the toes and feet, it could indicate a damaged disc in the spine and it must not be ignored!


2. Jaw Pain

Although, many people do not experience jaw pain often, when it does occur, they usually tend to ignore it, thinking that it could be from stress. It is true that stress is one of the causes for jaw pain, as it leads to the tightening of the jaw muscles. However, constant jaw tightness and pain, coupled with mild chest pain, could indicate serious heart diseases!


3. Chronic Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual cramps occur during the first couple of days of a woman's periods, due to the inflammation around the uterine walls. Now, menstrual pain is very common in most women and it does go away with anti-inflammatory medications. However, if you have chronic menstrual cramps, which are not responding to medications, it could indicate the presence of certain serious STDs or uterine cancer!


4. Sharp Headaches

Headaches are the top most common types of pain that every individual experiences, now and then. The root causes for headaches can range from stress to cancer! So, it must never be ignored, as we never know what the cause is, unless we get tested! Sharp pain in the head region, which is persistent, could indicate the presence of brain tumours or could even tell us that our heart is in trouble. So, immediate medical attention must be sought!


5. Pain In The Lower Abdomen

Abdominal pain is also quite common, especially if you are suffering from temporary digestive ailments like acidity or gas. However, if you have been experiencing a dull pain in the lower right abdominal region, for quite a while, then it could indicate the presence of appendicitis, in which case a scan must be done to confirm. Ignoring appendicitis could lead to life-threatening consequences.


6. Feet Pain

If you are a person who walks a lot, has a job which requires you to be on your feet all day, etc., an occasional feet pain may be normal. However, if you are experiencing uncharacteristic feet pain, persistently, coupled with numbness of the feet and legs, it could indicate the presence of diabetes or diabetic neuropathy. So, ignoring this pain can cause a delay with treatment.


7. Pain In The Mid Back

If you notice that you have a pain in your mid back, constantly, even though you have not been injured or know of any other causes for the pain, it could indicate a presence of kidney infection, especially, if you have been getting a fever on a regular basis. Kidney infections can lead to fatal consequences if left untreated and so, this pain must not be ignored!


8. Soreness Of The Calf Muscles

If you notice that your calf muscles are extremely sore and painful, constantly, even though you haven't exercised much or walked a lot, it could indicate the presence of calcium deficiency and osteoporosis. Calcium deficiency usually affects the calf muscles first, according to a number of research studies.


9. Pain In The Testis

If you are a man who has been experiencing a sharp pain in the testicular area of your genitals, persistently, especially during a sexual intercourse or masturbation, then do get yourself tested for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and testicular cancer, as a pain in that region could indicate these conditions.

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Story first published: Thursday, February 8, 2018, 21:00 [IST]
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