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    8 Secret Tips For A Healthy Heart As Told By Cardiologists!

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    A popular Chinese proverb goes like this, "When the heart is at ease, the body is healthy".

    This quote is very true because the heart is one of the main organs of the body and without it functioning well, all the other organs of the body can suffer!

    causes for heart diseases

    As we may already know, the human body consists of vital organs such as the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver and the brain.

    Even among the vital organs, the functions of the heart are very important, as the heart is an organ which filters out the blood and supplies oxygenated blood to each and every part of the body through the arteries.

    So, when the heart does not function well as a result of certain diseases or injuries, it can hinder the healthy flow of blood to the other organs, thus affecting them as well!

    So, it is very important to gain awareness about heart health and try to keep your heart as healthy as possible!

    Here are a few heart health tips told by cardiologists; have a look!

    1. Slim People May Also Be At A Risk Of Heart Disease

    There is a common myth which a lot of people believe in, which says that only overweight or obese people are the risk of heart diseases, due to high body fat percentage and high cholesterol. However, cardiologist clarify that, even people who are slim or thin can also be at the risk of heart diseases, if they have an unhealthy lifestyle, heredity factors or certain congenial heart ailments. So, it is always important to be on guard.

    2. Sugar Is The Number One Enemy

    Again, many of us laymen tend to think that, fat is the number one cause of the occurrence of heart diseases, as excess fat in the body can lead to high cholesterol, which in turn causes heart diseases. However, experts say that, sugar is actually the number one cause of heart diseases. Excess sugar in the body can mess up the insulin hormone levels and also increase cholesterol, thus upping the risk of heart diseases.

    3. Multivitamins Can't Save Your Heart

    People are advised to take multivitamin supplements in the form of pills or syrups to enable them to be well-nourished and healthy. Some people believe that multivitamins can prevent certain diseases, including heart diseases. However, this is just a myth because, just taking multivitamins cannot prevent any disease, unless you also make certain healthy lifestyle changes, along with taking these supplements.

    4. Risky Pregnancy Can Trigger Heart Diseases

    Cardiologists urge women patients to let them know if they had complications during pregnancy and childbirth, as it could also be a reason for heart diseases. These complications indicate the presence of abnormalities in the blood vessels, which already existed, which may trigger heart diseases later on in life!

    5. Red Wine Does Not Prevent Heart Diseases

    Yet another myth that many people believe today is that drinking a couple of glasses of red wine per day can help keep your heart healthy and prevent heart diseases. While it may be true that red wine is good for the heart, overdoing it and drinking it every day can in fact be bad for the heart, along with upping the risk of other health conditions, including alcoholism!

    6. Quit Smoking

    All health professionals, including cardiologists, advise people to quit their smoking habit, as smoking is the number one cause of a whole range of diseases and it can be fatal! In the case of heart diseases, smoking is also one of the main causes, as it can increase the cholesterol levels and block arteries, causing cardiac arrests!

    7. Manage Stress

    Cardiologists across the globe concur that stress is also one of the main causes for heart diseases, even in individuals who maintain a healthy lifestyle. So, doctors urge people to learn how to manage stress and to take up yoga or meditation, which can help them provide relief from chronic stress, in order to keep dangerous heart conditions at bay.

    8. Gum Health Is Related To Heart Diseases

    When you visit a cardiologist, even if it is for a general check-up, most of them examine your teeth and gums because if there is a lot of inflammation and bleeding in the gums, it could also lead to heart diseases, as blood vessels at the gums are directly connected to the heart.

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