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    5 Secret Cures Of Sunburns, As Revealed By Dermatologist

    By Sreya Dutta

    When summer arrives and is just over the horizon, people welcome it with a lot of cheerfulness and joy of bathing in the pure sunlight and fresh air and the warmth of the sunny mornings. But what they don't realise is that the sun might not be as pure and serene as people think. With it also comes a lot of pain that is caused after the bare skin is left unprotected for more than a while under the sun.

    The fact that winding up with a very painful sunburn is quite scary and it might seem that just staying indoors and out of the sun or applying sunscreen are the only sure ways of avoiding it. But, sometimes, it might be too late or sometimes you might wind up with a sunburned skin anyway and that might cause painful peels, painful tender touch sensations, and might also result in raising your risks of getting skin cancer.

    5 Secret Cures Of Sunburns

    To start with the revelations regarding your sunburn problem, we would like to let you in on a little secret to begin with. According to dermatologists, this secret is in your very refrigerator at your own sweet home that has the power to put an end to all your sunburn problems.

    A very imminent, notable and successful dermatologist of New York City, Dr. Joshua Zeichner has advised the people suffering from adverse effects of a bad sunburn to use a simple solution of cold milk as their surest cure to very successfully curing their sunburns during summer.

    Sunburn Statistics:

    1. Every summer, more than a third of the population of adults get sunburned in the worst of ways.

    2. More than half of the population over indulges in the harsh sun and faces a lot of skin problems as an after effect.

    3. More than one-fifth of the population is not even aware of the adverse effects of the harmful sun rays on their bare skin.

    4. Almost a majority of the population stays outdoors regularly and faces adverse sunburn problems.

    5. More than one-third of the population does not visit dermatologists often and try taking care of their sunburn problems at home with no idea of what they should do about it.

    Why Does Sunburn Cause Redness:

    The painful redness that appears on your skin right after a painful sunburn is actually caused by the inflammation because of the heat and the UV effects on our skin. And as your immune system continuously tries self-healing your badly damaged skin, a redness appears on your skin. This is actually a good sign that your skin is healing, but you might not like the results or the look that appears.

    So, in order to help your sunburn heal in a quicker and much less painful way, we will be sharing tips and secrets regarding the same.

    Time might heal all wounds, but the very notable dermatologist, Dr. Joshua Zeichner of New York city, has explained that a few surprising items kept in your very fridge or medicine cabinet can successfully treat your badly inflamed skin pretty quickly and help you get a better sunblock too, the next time you're outside.

    Simple Cures for Sunburns

    We have made a list below of such surprising and simple items found at every home that can quickly relieve, fix and cure sunburns:

    1. Cold Milk

    The simple cold milk in your fridge has the power to soothe and heal your sunburns this summer. It contains essential vitamins and proteins that will cool your skin while healing it gently. The cold aspect of the milk is also the key here in healing your sunburn pain caused due to the surface scorching. It will ease the painful inflammation on your skin by shrinking your swollen cells. The vitamins A and D, amino acids, lactic acid and the proteins casein and whey will help cure your sunburn effectively by promoting the healing process faster.

    2. Yoghurt

    Some dermatologists also suggest using yoghurt to promote healing from a sunburn, as they believe that the enzymes in yogurt might prove to be helpful to the scorched skin and ease the surface inflammation while curing it in a quicker way. You can gently apply some fresh yoghurt on your sunburned skin in an even and light pressure, without rubbing or applying any friction on it.

    धूप में जाने से पहले न लगाऐं ये चीजें | Do not apply this before going into Sunlight | Boldsky

    3. Cold Or Ice Water

    Dermatologists also advise that a cool bath or shower might help lower the temperature of the burned skin after a bad sunburn. This is because cold water can effectively help in curing a sunburn often. Also applying simple cold or ice water can help the skin heal because of the cold compress treatment, but milk is more nourishing and gentle to the skin to cure sunburns. But ice should never be applied directly on the skin, as it might stick to the skin and cause an even further damage. A cold bath can however cool you down well.

    4. Aloe Vera

    Aloe vera being a very effective and helpful skin healing ingredient can give a fast pain relief to your sunburned skin. It cools your skin, providing an immediate sunburn relief much better than the numbing agents. It actually has a natural and great cooling effect on your sunburned skin. It also breathes quite well and hence does not ever trap the heat in your skin, unlike the moisturizers.

    5. Ibuprofen or Motrin

    The anti-inflammatory drugs, like Motrin or Ibuprofen, can reduce the irritation and swelling of your sunburnt skin. Dermatologists advise that it can help calm your skin inflammation from inside out. Motrin can thus help in effectively promoting healing after a bad sunburn. But painkillers are a bad idea because they temporarily numb your aching areas instead of repairing your skin, which causes additional damage. They hide your existing pain that should actually be treated.

    Post Treatment:

    After passing the early stages of your sunburn and creating a cooling sensation without trapping the heat within your skin, and then using ingredients to help promote the healing procedure, there are a few things you still need to do post treatment, to seal the deal and adjust your skin back to normal. This is because after the temperature in your skin has fallen, you need to maintain the coolness and moisture in your skin to avoid cracking and peeling.

    1. Once the burn has cooled down, apply a light moisturizer to soothe your skin further.

    2. Apply petroleum jelly or petrolatum-based creams to form a kind of protective seal over your skin's surface.

    3. Apply lotion formulations on your skin that do not weigh your skin down and keep it supple and soft.

    4. Do not apply any kinds of makeup or random beauty products on the sunburn-affected areas of your skin for a while and give it time to heal properly first.

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