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Why Bathing After Work Is Healthy


Today, the air we breathe and the surroundings we live in are filled with lots of pollutants, dirt and chemicals. Of course, we all take a bath in the morning.

But there are some benefits if you take a shower in the evening after you go home from work. But wait, if you have dry skin or if you live in dry weather conditions, it is better to shower only once a day.

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But otherwise, showering in the evening offers certain health benefits. Read on to know about them...


Reason #1

At the end of the day, when you reach home from work, lots of dust and pollen will be sitting on your body. One shower would clean all that and prevent infections or allergies.

The germs or the irritants that build up on your skin or hair can be eliminated with a shower. In fact, if you don't shower, you tend to carry all the dust to your bedroom, blankets and pillows.


Reason #2

If you have skin issues like smelly feet, acne, excessive sweating or other infections, then a shower in the evening can minimise the effects of those skin issues. When you shower, all the dirt, oil and sweat will be washed out. This will prevent those further breakouts.

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Reason #3

A shower basically slows you down a bit. That is exactly what you want when you are retiring to bed. Your breath, heart rate and metabolism slow down. Blood circulation gets better. And tension in the body gets minimised.


Reason #4

Another benefit is good sleep. When you take a shower in the evening, you will be able to enjoy good quality sleep in the night. But ensure that you maintain at least an hour gap between your shower and sleep.


Reason #5

Also, a shower can lift your moods. Certain feel good hormones are released after a shower and they enable you to relax after putting aside the day's worries.

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Reason #6

When you reach home with stress, tension and fatigue, a quick shower feels like a rebirth. It removes the stiffness in the muscles and makes you feel relaxed.

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