Why You Must Squat To Defecate?

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Though the western toilet is very convenient, it isn't healthy to sit while pooping as nature has designed us to squat while eliminating wastes.

Some studies even claim that sitting could raise the risk of hemorrhoids, appendicitis, constipation and IBD!

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When you squat, your knees are at certain angle and it makes things ideal for your excretory organs. But sitting changes those conditions and you may have to apply more pressure on certain parts of your body and this could have long term effects. Read on...


Benefit #1

The position of squatting makes the process of elimination of bodily wastes easier and effortless.

Fecal stagnation is unhealthy and may also raise the risk of appendicitis, IBS and even colon cancer. Squatting prevents it.


Benefit #2

As squatting reduces the pressure on the uterus, pregnant women can also squat. Squatting can prepare pregnant women for delivery.

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Benefit #3

Squatting is also good for the nerves of your uterus, bladder and prostrate. This position prevents the nerves, bladder and uterus from stretching.


Benefit #4

Between the small intestine and the large intestine, there is something known as 'ileocecal valve' which is a sphincter muscle. What does it do?

It needs to limit the reflux of materials of the colon. Squatting position seals the valve and prevents leaks during the defecation.


Benefit #5

Many studies claim that squatting is a good way to prevent hemorrhoids.


Benefit #6

Do you know that too much of straining in toilet is bad? Well, if you have to strain during every session, it could also cause issues like pelvic organ prolapse, hernia and diverti-culosis.

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Squatting reduces straining. When you sit, you may need to apply strain on certain parts of the body.


Benefit #7

Squatting also relaxes a muscle known as 'puborectalis'. When this muscle is relaxed, the angle between anus and rectum tends to be ideal for defecation.

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Story first published: Monday, February 13, 2017, 9:46 [IST]
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