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What Your Body Is Trying To Tell You


Your body tries to communicate if there is something wrong with it. If you bring in more awareness and carefully listen to your body's signals, you will be able to understand its needs better.

In fact, being aware of your body's way of functioning can help you understand its signals and that is how you can prevent many health issues.

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If you are craving for certain types of foods, it is not just hunger or appetite related reasons. There could be some other underlying reasons behind this. Going to a doctor can help you understand that.



If you have thought that dry itchy skin is only due to dehydration then you are mistaken. It could also be a warning signal!

It could indicate vitamin deficiency, malnutrition, high BP, hormonal issues and even kidney issues. May be, you need oily fish, nuts and vegetable oils in your diet. Ask a doctor.


Gum Problems

When your gums bleed, you may first think that it could be due to brushing your teeth harshly, but it is a signal that you lack enough of vitamin C.

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Don't blame yourself if you always want to eat something sweet. Sugar cravings could also be due to thyroid issues, fatigue, menopause and even yeast infection.

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Maybe, it is not your partner's fault. If you experience insomnia, leg cramps and irritability, it could be due to potassium and magnesium deficiency. Consider eating almonds, kale, spinach and even banana.


Salty Foods

If you are craving for salted food items then it could also be due to iodine deficiency. The body tries to restore the balance of iodine levels through salt intake. In fact, even cravings to eat sea food could also be due to iodine deficiency.

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Brittle Nails

Maybe, it is not your shampoo's fault! It could either be calcium deficiency or lack of vitamin B if your nails and hair turn brittle. It could also be due to eating disorders, biotin deficiency and even hypothyroidism!


Cravings For Raw Vegetables

If you crave eating raw vegetables, it could be due to liver issues or digestive issues. When your liver needs cleansing, you may feel like eating salads more.


Dry Elbows

Even dry skin forming patches on your elbows could be a sign of vitamin C and vitamin A deficiencies. Eat oranges, pumpkin, apricots and carrots.


Cravings For Sour Foods

If your gall bladder or liver need stimulation, your body may send you a signal through cravings for sour food.

Drink lemon juice or cranberry juice in such situations instead of munching unhealthy road-side foods that cause stomach infections.

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