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7 Weird Signs You Have A Heart Problem!

As humans, many a times, in the course of our lives, all of us experience disorders that may bring us great discomfort

Diseases are a common phenomenon that most of us experience in varying degrees of severity.

As you may know, in some cases the human body has the ability to give us certain signs and warnings that indicate the occurrence of diseases.

However, some of the diseases show no signs or symptoms that warn the victim, until it is quite late!

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Diseases like cancer, in which the affected person may not realise that he/she has the disease, especially in the initial stages.

Heart is one of the most vital organs of the body and even a slight malfunction in the heart can lead to fatal consequences.

The health of the heart can deteriorate due to various reasons, so here are a few surprising signs that indicate your heart may not be as healthy as it should be ; have a look.


1. Swollen Ankles

Heart diseases can cause a build up fluids in the body, known as edema, causing your ankles to swell up.


2. Headaches

Headache is a symptom of many minor ailments, however, if it is consistent and has been there for more than 2 months, it could indicate a heart disease.


3. Fatigue

Again, fatigue is a very common symptom that most people experience, however, if it is extreme, it could indicate a heart disease, as the heart may not be able to pump healthy blood to the other body parts.


4. Stomach Cramps

In some cases, when a person has a heart ailment, the pain signals from the heart can radiate to the stomach, causing stomach cramps.


5. Upper Back Pressure

If you experience stiffness or a pressure in your upper back constantly, it could mean that your heart could be in trouble, due to the lack of blood circulation.


6. Coughing

If you are experiencing dry cough and wheezing, without any apparent respiratory infections, then it could be an indication of a heart disease.


7. Loss Of Appetite

When your heart is not healthy, it could cause loss of appetite and nausea, due to the poor supply of oxygenated blood to the digestive system.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 22, 2017, 11:30 [IST]
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