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    Can You Cancer-Proof Your Life? Yes, These Tips Will Help Completely Avoid The Risk Of Cancer

    By Sravia Sivaram

    About 70% of known cancers are avoidable and related to lifestyle. Cancer centres have shown that exercise and avoidance of tobacco products are your first line of defence against cancer.

    You can take charge of your cancer prevention strategy by eating a healthy diet and getting regular screenings done.

    Your chances of developing cancer are affected by your lifestyle choices. Apart from your daily habits, nutrition plays an important role in reducing cancer risk.

    tips to prevent cancer naturally

    Studies have shown that people with a healthy diet had a 45% lower risk of mortality from breast cancer or any other disease.

    Hence, to cancer-proof your life, you need to follow certain tips that we have mentioned about in this article. Read to know the best tips to prevent cancer naturally.


    1. Get Sunlight On You:

    People who get most Vitamin D may protect themselves from a variety of cancers, including colon and breast cancers. It also improves the survival rates of melanoma, which is a serious skin cancer.


    2. Eat An Orange Every Day:

    Cancer-causing H. pylori bacteria can be prevented with high levels of vitamin C in the blood and such people are less likely to test positive for cancer-causing strains. Hence, it is recommended to eat an orange every day.


    3. Consume Broccoli:

    Eating piles of broccoli will help stave off ovarian, stomach, lung, bladder and colorectal cancers. Steaming this vegetable three-four times enhances the power of cancer-fighting compounds like sulforaphane, that halts the growth of breast cancer cells.


    4. Lose Weight:

    This is important because being overweight accounts for 20% of all cancer deaths among women and 14% among men. This is one of the best tips to prevent cancer naturally.


    5. Have Bananas:

    Studies have shown that women who ate 4-6 antioxidant-rich bananas a week cut their risk of kidney cancer by almost 54% when compared to those who didn't.


    6. Pay Attention To Pain:

    If you're experiencing a bloated belly, pelvic pain and an urgent need to urinate every time, then you need to see your doctor. Many generally ignore these symptoms and that is when this disease can turn out to become deadly.


    7. Get Calcium Every Day:

    Studies have shown that those who took calcium every day for four years had a 36% reduction in the development of new cancerous colon polyps. This is one of the best tips to prevent cancer naturally.


    8. Sweat 30 Minutes A Day:

    Half an hour of activity, five days a week, modulates the levels of androgens and oestrogens, the two things that can protect women against oestrogen-driven cancers.


    9. Quit Smoking:

    Smoking can not only cause lung cancer but also cancers of the mouth, larynx and oesophagus. Smokers unknowingly are encouraging stomach, liver, prostate, colorectal, cervical and breast cancers.


    10. Shun White Bread:

    Eating foods with high glycaemic load raises your blood sugar levels and increases your risk of colorectal cancer. This is one of the best tips to prevent cancer naturally.

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    Story first published: Friday, November 17, 2017, 11:33 [IST]
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