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Three-Minute Breathing Technique To End Snoring And Insomnia

By Sravia Sivaram

This is one of the most simplest and the most inexpensive natural techniques to optimize your health. This is a kind of breathing technique that helps you to prevent snoring and also fights insomnia.

This method is known as The Buteyko Breathing Method, which is a very powerful technique to reverse the problems that are related to breathing. If you learn the right method of breathing, it will lead to a better oxidation of your tissues and organs, including your brain. This exercise is known as one of the best breathing exercises to prevent snoring and insomnia.


There are many ways with which this method is useful for your health. This technique is useful to take care of conditions like anxiety and sleep apnoea. The quantity of air that you breathe has an enormous impact on your health.

This method helps in bringing back your breathing to normal. Asthmatics breathe through their mouth. They also breathe heavier and have a higher respiratory rate than non-asthmatics.

The basic method of breathing is that we should not hear our breathing as we rest. There must be very little movement from the chest and tummy. The mouth must remain closed and breathing must be effortless.

So, continue reading to know how to perform this breathing exercise to prevent snoring.


Step #1:

Breath in through the nose (a small breath) and also exhale through the nose in the same way.


Step #2:

Hold your nose with your fingers in order to prevent the air from entering the lungs.


Step #3:

Count the number of seconds until you feel the first desire to breathe.


Step #4:

During the first desire, you may also feel the first involuntary movements of your breathing muscles. At this time, your tummy will jerk and the area around the neck will contract.


Step #5:

During the end, your inhalation must be calm.


Step #6:

Release through your nose and just breathe through it. This technique is known to be very effective in preventing snoring and also in treating sleep-related disorders like insomnia. You have to give a pause of 40 seconds after each set that you would do in 3 minutes. After you get a hang of this exercise, you can give a pause of 25-30 seconds.

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Story first published: Monday, February 27, 2017, 18:37 [IST]
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