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Things The Colour Of Your Tongue Is Trying To Tell You About Your Health

By Sravia Sivaram

Did you know that your tongue can tell a lot about your health? Based on the size, texture and colour of your tongue, there is a whole lot that your tongue can indicate about your health.

It is recommended to examine your tongue in the morning in a natural light before brushing your teeth. It is also advised not to strain the tongue, as it can affect your health.

The colour of the coating can vary based on the influence of food, beverages, medicines, etc., that you take or smoking.

In order to get the right result, you need to examine your tongue an hour more after any kind of an exposure.

The colour of your tongue can particularly indicate certain health conditions that your body faces.

Tongue reveals your health | आपकी जुबान बताएगी आपकी सेहत का राज़ | BoldSky

Just observing the colour of your tongue after an entire day is all that you need to do to get an idea of how your health condition is.

In this article, we will let you know what does the colour of your tongue tell you about your health. Also, read to know what does a healthy tongue look like.


1. Light Pink:

Light pink colour is known to be the ideal colour of the tongue. Light pink coloured tongue is considered to be an indicative of a healthy body. This is what a healthy tongue looks like.


2. Red:

A red-coloured tongue can indicate that you have some infectious diseases. It also suggests that some kind of inflammatory process is happening in the blood or the body.


3. Bright Red:

If your tongue is bright red in colour, it means that you have heart disorders. Sometimes, it also indicates that you have some kind of blood diseases.


4. Yellow:

If your tongue is yellow in colour, then it can indicate stomach or liver problems. This will give you an idea of what your tongue says about your health.


5. Purple:

A purple tongue often indicates that you have lung and heart diseases.


6. Blue:

A blue tongue indicates that you are likely to be affected by kidney diseases.


7. Pale:

A pale tongue can denote that you're suffering from vitamin and mineral deficiencies. This will give you an idea of what does the colour of your tongue tell you.


8. White:

A white-coloured tongue actually indicates that you are down with dehydration. It also sometimes indicates fungal infection and flu.

Story first published: Tuesday, August 29, 2017, 12:38 [IST]
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