Stretches You Can Do Every Morning To Have A Great Day Ahead

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What is your mood in the morning? Do you feel very sluggish and do not what to get out of bed? Do you always keep thinking of hitting back on bed, once you get the opportunity to?

Well, if your answer is a YES for all of those questions, then this article is for you. You can transform your really gloomy day into a bright one with the help of these morning stretches that you could even perform on bed.

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Stretching on the bed is the best you can do to get off that lazy feel right in the morning. Studies have shown that the risk of heart attack is quiet high at this time mainly because of the sudden shift from slow to fast rate of the heartbeat.

We get up and start with our daily chores, without even stretching our hands. The best you can do is to follow a morning stretching routine that helps you to relax, focus and get enough energy to run through the day.

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Morning stretches are important to keep your momentum of the day running. Read this article to know about the top stretches that you can do in the morning, on bed.


1. Full Body Stretch:

Place your arms over your head while clasping the fingers together on bed. Make sure to keep your knees straight and stretched. Hold in that position for five minutes. Repeat this thrice. This exercise will relax the body.


2. Figure-Four Stretch:

Bend your right leg. Then, cross the left foot over the right knee. Take a deep breath for five seconds and then switch legs. This stretch is said to increase the lubrication in the joints.


3. Bed To Floor Stretch:

Place your foot on the floor and bend your knees. Reach the floor with your hands by bending. Do this for 5 seconds and relax. This is said to be the best morning stretches that you can perform on bed.


4. Knees To Chest Stretch:

Lay on the bed and bend your knees. Pull the knees towards your chest and hug the knees. This stretch is said work wonders on your back and also help stimulate both the body and mind.


5. Supine Twist:

Lay on the bed and stretch the arms on the right side of your torso. You must stretch the legs in the opposite direction. Hold in this position for ten seconds. This stretch is said to enhance circulation and it works on the spinal muscles as well.


6. Seated Forward Bend:

Sit on the bed and stretch your legs. Inhale first and then exhale while you reach for your toes. Stretch your neck and do this for ten repetitions. This is said to prepare your body for daily activities, especially if your work involves sitting for longer hours. It works well on the hamstrings, spine and pelvis.

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Story first published: Thursday, January 12, 2017, 20:30 [IST]
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