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Simple Yoga Poses That Help Balance Hormones

Posted By: Lekhaka

Research has proved that yoga can help to bring down blood pressure and cholesterol levels, improve the functioning of lungs, make the heart stronger, increase immunity and calm the mind.

Yoga is great in bringing a balance in your hormonal levels. Today in this article we shall discuss certain yoga poses that help not only to relax our mind and bodies, but also bring about a balance in the hormones in our body.

These poses are very simple and can be done by anyone. Due to the hectic lifestyle that all of us have been leading, we often become the victims of stress. High stress levels end up affecting our hormone levels, specially cortisol and adrenaline.

These simple yoga poses will help to bring about a balance in these hormones.

yoga poses for hormone balance

Lie down on the ground and rest your body. Savasana comes from the word sava which means a dead body. Relax your body and mind in such a way as if you have no sense. You can lie down like this for fifteen minutes and even drift off to sleep. This asana is mainly done after all the asanas to relax the body.

This asana or yoga pose relaxes the whole body and mind. It is great for the nervous system. It also balances the hormones in the body.

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yoga poses for hormone balance

2. Legs Up:
Lie down on the ground like in savasana and lift up your legs on a stool. Remain in this position for ten minutes.

This asana helps in the circulation of blood from the feet to other parts of the body and relaxes your heart, brain and adrenal glands. It is great for balancing your hormones.

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yoga poses for hormone balance

3. Goddess Pose:
Lie down on your back just like savasana. Take a raised block and place a blanket over it. Now place this just below your knees. Lie in this position for ten minutes. This is great for your back and legs.

This asana also helps to relax your mind and body and balance your hormones.

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Story first published: Sunday, February 5, 2017, 7:30 [IST]
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