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    Signs Your Body Is Trying To Tell Something


    The human body and mind work together to stay alive. In fact, if you can listen to your body and its needs, you may not need any other tool to stay healthy.

    But it is not easy to understand your body's warnings unless you are used to every single signal it gives you. Have you ever felt hungry? Well, it is nothing but a signal from you body to eat some food.

    In the same way, your body speaks to you in several other ways. Here are some of examples....


    Sign #1

    Are you craving too much for sour foods even when you aren't pregnant? Well, they could also be because your gall bladder and liver are over working! Visit a doctor to find out.


    Sign #2

    If you are craving to eat meat, may be your body is asking you to get some protein. Choose a plant-based protein source if you are a vegetarian.


    Sign #3

    If you have sugar cravings, do you know what it means? Your body is trying to say that you are consuming a lot of sugar (and it is getting addicted to it).


    Sign #4

    Are you unable to sleep? Do you experience cramps frequently? May be your body is asking you to consume more of magnesium. Your muscles, brain and heart need this mineral. Include bananas, nuts and leafy veggies in your diet.


    Sign #5

    If your gums are bleeding there could be two reasons. If you haven't flossed since long and suddenly did it, gums bleed. Otherwise, your body might be trying to tell you that you need more of vitamin C!


    Sign #6

    If you are craving for salty foods, may be your body is trying to tell you about internal inflammation or any kind of an infection. Consult a doctor if you see any of the above signs.

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