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    9 Silent Signs Of Chronic Stress To Watch Out For!

    By Chandana Rao

    A popular quote says "Manage stress before it manages you!". Well, we couldn't agree more because when we are stressed out, it can completely take over our thoughts!
    Imagine this. You have had a rough week at work, with a tight deadline approaching, you are extremely stressed out and all you can think of is completing your task, so when your friend calls you out to get a drink, you snap at him without even realising!

    Well, most of us here can relate to the scenario above, because we all would have been extremely stressed out at least a couple of times in our lives, if not more.

    Be it because of pressurising jobs, family problems, marital issues, break-ups, financial issues, health problems, etc., most of us would have experienced stress in varied levels.

    causes for stress

    While some of us could be naturally good at managing stress and not letting external factors affect our mental well-being, the rest of us could be affected a lot by stress to the point where it starts to show physiological symptoms!

    Stress can be described as a condition in which a person experiences a high intensity of strain, pressure of negative emotions.

    In most cases, stress can be temporary and does not show many external signs, however, in many cases stress can affect a person rather severely.

    When stress is left untreated for a long time, it could cause more serious ailments like depression, anxiety and mental breakdowns.

    Stress can also affect a person's physical well-being, so, one must always take stress issues seriously and do everything one can to manage stress.

    If you feel like your stress is too intense, medical help must be sought.

    So, here are a few silent signs of chronic stress that you must never ignore.


    1. Headaches

    Many of us may think that headaches are very minor and common conditions and tend to ignore them, However, constant headaches could indicate high levels of stress triggered by the cortisol hormones in the body.


    2. Painful Periods

    Many women experience period cramps now and then, however, if you are a woman who has never had issues with cramps but all of a sudden you are experiencing painful cramps, it could mean that you are suffering from chronic stress! This happens due to the hormonal imbalance caused by stress.


    3. Jaw Pain

    When we are extremely stressed out or when we are tensed, we tend to tighten our facial muscles without even realising it, so constant stress can make you tighten your facial and jaw muscles often, including clenching your teeth, thus giving you a jaw pain.


    4. Bleeding Gums

    A recent Brazilian research study has found that bleeding gums can also be one of the silent symptoms of chronic stress, which many people mistake for common gum issues. Stress increases the cortisol hormone levels in the body, which can cause the gums to bleed.


    5. Acne

    Acne is a common skin ailment seen in many people, however, if you have developed acne all of a sudden, without no apparent reason, even if you maintain a healthy diet and skin care routine, then stress could be one of the causes, as stress can induce hormonal imbalance.


    6. Sugar Cravings

    As we read earlier, stress can increase a hormone known as cortisol in the body. When the cortisol levels are high in the blood, the glucose levels can dip, thus making your body to crave for more sugary foods and sweets!


    7. Skin Itching

    A Japanese research study has found that more than 20% of people who have itchy skin with no exact cause are later diagnosed with chronic stress; so skin itching can also be a silent sign of extreme stress.


    8. Respiratory Allergies

    Constant sneezing, dry cough, blocked sinus cavities, itchy nostrils, etc., are signs of respiratory allergy caused by pollution, certain foods, etc. However, chronic stress can also trigger respiratory allergies according to experts.


    9. Stomach Problems

    If you are someone who follows a healthy diet and lifestyle and yet you are experiencing constant stomach pain, indigestion, constipation or diarrhoea, then it could mean that you are suffering from chronic stress.

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    Story first published: Friday, December 1, 2017, 11:30 [IST]
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