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7 Warning Signs Of Heart Failure

The heart is one of the vital organs on which rests the life of a person. Once the heart stops beating, the person dies. So how do we keep our hearts healthy? Are there any symptoms which indicate your heart condition is depleting?

Today at Boldsky we will be explaining about a few of the warning signs of heart failure. Certain changes in lifestyle, pre-exisiting health conditions like high blood pressure, food habits and sleep pattern affect the functioning of the heart.

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By taking up certain measures one can prevent heart failure. One needs to clearly identify the risk factors for heart disease or one could also undergo certain preventive tests that help in identifying the condition well in advance.

Identifying the condition in advance and getting the correct treatment at the right time is important. If left untreated it might lead to a heart attack and can prove fatal as well. Hence, taking immediate steps to address the issue is essential to keep the disease at bay.

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Here is the list of a few symptoms of heart failure. Take a look.


1. Shortness Of Breath:

When the blood flow to and from the lungs to the heart and vice-versa gets affected it causes shortness of breath. If this occurs suddenly when you are asleep or simply sitting down then it should be checked immediately.


2. Continuous Cough & Wheezing:

When the fluid buids up in the lungs and affects the blood flow it leads to continuous cough and wheezing. This is one of the signs that the heart is failing.


3. Swelling Feet:

When the blood flow gets affected it leads to accumulation of water in the tissues. This causes swelling of feet, legs and the abdomen as well.


4. Weight Gain:

Sudden weight gain can be one of the signs of heart failure. When the water is retained in the body it leads to excess weight gain.


5. Lack Of Appetite:

When the heart starts failing it affects one's digestion as well. One can experience a feeling of fullness and lack of appetite.


6. Fatigue & Tiredness:

When the heart is not able to pump blood to the rest of the body tissues, it causes fatigue and tiredness. This is one of the signs of heart failure.


7. Increased Heart Beat:

When the heart fails to pump the blood it leads to an increase in heart beat. This is one of the signs of heart failure.

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