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Here Is Why You Should Walk On The Grass In The Morning

By Lekhaka

We all know that walking is beneficial for our health. But have you ever thought about the health benefits of walking on the grass in the morning? Since childhood we have heard about this from our elders. They have always said that gazing at the green grass far away in the morning and walking on green grass is good for our health.

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Today in this article we shall talk about certain benefits of walking on green grass in the morning.


1. Healthy Bones:

The first one is that it helps to make our bones strong and helps to fight diseases like arthritis. When you walk on the grass in the morning, you end up soaking in some beneficial vitamin D from the sun's rays that are essential for the maintenance of healthy bones.


2. Provides Energy:

Walking on the grass in the morning provides you with life energy. Experts say that people who walk on the grass in the morning end up soaking in important and essential energies from the sun that rejuvenate you and keep you refreshed throughout the day. It keeps the nerves and muscles of your body in good condition and disinfects the body.


3. Helps Cleansing The Body:

Experts say that when you walk on the grass barefoot, you get connected to the magnetic field of the earth which in turn ends up affecting the electrical and magnetic field of your body. This helps to neutralize the negative effects in the body that cause certain diseases. Thus it ends up cleansing your bodies.


4. Stimulates Pressure Points:

There are several pressure points at the base of our feet that when stimulated can affect the different organs of the body that they are connected to. So when you walk on the grass in the morning, you end up stimulating these pressure points and curing your body of various ailments.


5. Calms The Mind:

Last but not the least, the calm and beautiful atmosphere in the morning helps to calm down your mind and body and rejuvenates you. The warm rays of the sun, the fresh air and the peaceful surrounding cheers you up.

Story first published: Sunday, January 22, 2017, 7:00 [IST]
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